Wings of Silence

Author: Shriram Iyer
Publisher: Westland/Grey Oak
Price: 199/-
Pages: 242

The Wings of Silence is a fairy tale for any Indian sports lover. A tale of two brothers, one champion in tennis and the other an impeccable runner for marathons. The book has a perfect plot spawned across 2 countries and 5 lives. The story starts with the contrasting life of two brothers, Raj who was born deaf and Saurav who was born with loads of talent be it studies or sports.

The lives of two brothers are as different as they can possibly be, living under the shadow of a Veer Chakra Awarded father who is a winner by attitude and runs the family with an army like discipline. Constant admiration and appreciation for Saurav and a perennial frowning for Raj, led Raj to lapse into depression. The story charts the path for Raj how he with the help of his brother finds himself as a runner. He reinvents himself and finds his calling in life.

The story is a short, fast and nice read with the characters very carefully and efficiently planned by the author which makes it a likeable read. The story is intriguing and deals with the topic of an Indian competing in the marathon of 1980 Olympics makes it lovable for the patriot in me. The research on the plot has been extensive and the author has used the historical events of 1980s very well in the story. Despite being overly optimistic in the plot t makes a good book for a nice breezy read.

Summary: A refreshing plot in contemporary Indian fiction, this book makes for a good light time pass read.
Rating: 7/10

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5 comments on “Wings of Silence”

  1. Ramesh Reply

    Ahh sports based writing is not very common amongst Indian writers. Thanks for this review – wouldn’t have heard of the book otherwise. Must read.

    • Prats Reply

      @Ramesh: It is a nice read, the author has based in 80s done good research & work to come with this one. Appreciable effort I must say.

  2. Shriram Iyer Reply

    Hi Prats, this has been many years overdue. But thanks for your feedback. I take it with me as I prepare to launch my second book. Hope you have a read of that too 🙂

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