10 Day You Challenge- Day 1: 10 Secrets

Preeti started doing this series of tags which is to posts interesting things about her. The idea seems interesting to be on the blog; so I start with 10 secrets (things which the readers of the blog won’t know) about myself-

1- I once disposed off my school test notebooks when I got terrible marks and later claimed to the teacher that the notebooks were stolen. (I was caught 3 months later when one of the neighbors whose empty house I had thrown away the notebooks came to inspect the house and duly returned the notebooks to my parents after spotting the name)

2- I have a sweet tooth; it is very difficult for me to resist something sweet. Some years back when my weight wasn’t a concern I would not even throw away the sweet syrup from the gulabjamuns and rashogollas but rather drink them or have them with bread or chapatti

3- On the same note, I can have almost everything vegetarian with bread, which includes things like chocolate, butter jam, fruits, sugar syrup, lentils, milk, cereals etc. I can eat bread for 7 days a week 3 times a day.

4- I have never been a sportsman or followed any sports religiously until I started working and started playing squash and following cricket, and tennis.

5- I wrote my first poem when I was in class fourth, my class teacher told to my parents that I am good in writing. Though I couldn’t figure out what one can do by writing poems. Thankfully I didn’t choose it as a career given the state of English poetry writers in India and sadly I don’t have a copy of the first poem I wrote.

6- The following sets are in my wish buy list for ages- Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert and Amar Chitra Katha.

7- I hate watching TV.

8- I created an Online game for my college fest which got some 1 million hits on the day of its launch. The entire experience of designing that game was so close to me that I still quote it as one of the most satisfying experience.

9- I have never touched a drop of liquor till date.

10- I hate people who do not take ownership and responsibility of their work.

20 comments on “10 Day You Challenge- Day 1: 10 Secrets”

  1. Himadri Dimri Reply

    Ha ha ha Omg I actually did that first point! I was scared to death with geometry so I had literally hidden my Geometry exercise book in the cup board way below other stuffs. When my exams came up my mom was furious that the whole paper has a section that I haven’t studied n she hasn’t seen the book too.When it all came in front of her, omg i was ….i still imagine so afraid but then I actually hid that book :O

    • Prats Reply

      @Himadri: ROFL!!! I can totally relate to what you did. Now that we look back to incidents like these, they are not only funny but also makes me wonder “What was I thinking.”

  2. deepti Reply

    rofl @ the first one..:)
    love for bread…good for Divya..:)

    rasgulla syrup..:)..doesnt it taste a bit hot..as in gale mein lagta hai….even i like drinking it at times..:)

  3. Irfan Iqbal Gheta Reply

    Dear Prats……… I have been waiting for your latest blog post for quite some time now. This seems to be a good idea. This is how your fans and followers would get to know you better. I too will follow this idea. This post has given me fodder for my next post. Keep up the good work.

  4. Scribby Reply

    ditto on 7 & 10 !

    @9: ahem,a man who doesn’t drink and is a man enough to accept that 🙂 *bol kis film ka dialogue hai?* 😉

    so you could have been a bard today? really? 😉

    a bread fan,so much? and ‘drinking’ the sweet’s syrup?? don’t mind but my expressions were ‘ewww’ at that !

    @1: OMG,really? ROFTL 😉

    • Prats Reply

      @Scribby: I have heard this dialogue and felt so appropriate being applied to me. (though I am not able to remember the movie, was it Pyaar ke Side Effects or One of the Madhur Bhandarkar movies?)

      Yeah I could have been a bard, thankfully I didn’t otherwise this blog would have been full of limericks 🙂

      • Scribby Reply

        the dialogue is from the movie ‘Hum-Tum’ said by Isha Koppikar for Jimmy Shergil 🙂 ghanti baji ? 😀

        • Prats Reply

          @Scribby: Oh yeeeessss…. How could I forget that… Its one of my all time favorites and I could recite the movie by dialogues…. damn I guess I need to see it once again 🙁 Thanks for reminding me of it *searches for the movie in the hard drive*

  5. Scribby Reply

    p.s. I didn’t make my blog philosophical as in some Scribby Mata and all that kinds 😉 so you can continue visiting 👿 :mrgreen:

  6. Scorpria Reply

    ROFL @ 1. Have done it many times too 😀
    With you on 7 and 10.

    I do not have a sweet tooth (except for super dark chocolate, which again is more bitter than sweet!) and i soooo wish someone would gift me the whole Calvin& Hobbes set 😀

  7. Mystic Reply

    I am with you on 2…i can give u a tough competition on this one, 5…though i wrote much earlier than u and kept writing till i was in X, but finally understood i was not cut out for that

    And 9 and 10 also.

  8. tikulicious Reply

    I will be stalking you on these Prats. 😀 This sure is addictive. Am doing it too. 2,6 yes yes :p and have you eaten maggie with bread and lotsa butter and dalmoth or something in a sandwich.Tastes awesome. Bread is such a divine invention. The possibilities are endless. My fav PBJS ( peanut butter jelly sandwich. ( home made)
    will read all your posts one by one .

  9. Shilpa Garg Reply

    Very interesting secrets!! You have a sweet tooth too!! That’s a new one… sweet syrup with bread/chapati! My mom used to knead the dough with this syrup and then make either parathas or roll it as a roti and cut it in small pieces and then fry them.

    Will come back to check out the rest of the Nine posts of this challenge!! 🙂

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