10 Day You Challenge- Day 2: 9 Loves

So day 2 of the 10 day you challenge is to post about 9 loves. Actually when I decided to do this challenge I thought it would be quite simple but as it seems now it wasn’t. I mean there are so many things one loves, and choosing 9 of them is indeed difficult.

1- My Parents, needless to say I am what I am because of them. And how much I love them cannot be described in words.

2- The Wifee since the time we got married ours have been a “give and take” relationship. She generally gives her piece of mind and I seem to be taking it most of the time. Now that I am taking all the pieces of mind (wondering what would happen when she wouldn’t be left with any) and storing them safely in my mind despite all the storage constraints in mine is only because I love her so much.

3- My Friends, now I couldn’t have survived without them. I am lucky to have a very close bunch of friends who I can depend on with my life. I am so thankful to lord, that my paths crossed the way they did and I could collect these pearls of friendship during the journey of my life.

4- My Car – There as in entire post dedicated to my first car. You can read about it here

5- My house– Again there is a post about it if you want to read it in detail here

6- My gadgets, I am a gadget lover I have an Ipod Touch, WII, PSP (recently gifted by Radio Indigo), Home Theatre, Canon Rebel T1i, and the list continues. All of the gadgets are something which I totally love and I can spend hours fiddling with them.

7- Coffee, now my love for coffee has been previous talked about on this blog and some other forums. I actually have a make shift coffee bar at home with an espresso machine, single origin coffees, flavors to enhance coffee and a collection of mugs.

8- My books, the readers of this blog would already know the amount of reading I do and I can assure you that I do not subscribe to a library or a rental service. So for the most part the books I read are purchased and I have a mini library at home. And as with all book lovers I am very possessive about my books.

9- My writing and this blog. All the stuff which I have written in this blog or in my books or outside it, I wrote them because I actually loved writing it. The writing is my way to express and unwind myself. I wouldn’t have been the person I am had it not been for my writing.

So these were the 9 people/things I love. Now on a different note, the narcissist I am it is very difficult not to love myself. So I love myself, for one simple reason I am effin’ awesome. Now those of you planning to debate that please look at the image below, by a “trusted website” who does a facial recognition and matches you to celebrities. I am 53% like George Clooney. So you know I AM AWESOME (readers are requested to conveniently ignore the fact that there is a 55% match with Omar Sharif). So I just need to lose these extra 20 kilos around my waist to become the female magnet what George Clooney is, right people?

8 comments on “10 Day You Challenge- Day 2: 9 Loves”

  1. Irfan Iqbal Gheta Reply

    Dear Prats, Congratulations for making the living up to the challenge of nine loves. It’s difficult to choose nine loves out of countless loves. But kudos for making it so simple.

  2. Swaram Reply

    I can actually copy-paste the post with very few changes 🙂 Nice one!

  3. deepti Reply

    rofl @ the narcissim part..:D..and YAY!!…1 foto mein main bhi hun…:D….mast post…:)..and i am also giggling due to on emore reason inthe coments section..;-)

  4. vishalbheeroo Reply

    Hey Man
    cool post n cool family..super like:) looks like u have redefined blogging with the required glamour.
    Cheers to dat

  5. Scribby Reply

    how true…choosing only few from so many it tough indeed 🙂

    loved the way you’ve described your second love 😉

  6. Mystic Reply

    Your 1,2,3 are same as mine..though i am yet to find 2

    and 7 and 8 with slight variation in instead of coffee it’s the coffee that i love…my coffee mug 🙂

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