10 Day You Challenge- Day 5: 6 Places

Now I am not the one who has traveled across the globe and seen a lot of places but in what ever places I have been here are my picks from those-

1- Kanpur– This is my home town and I have grown up there. A major contribution of who I am and what I am is courtesy this city. A lot of people who I consider my life support system share the essence of Kanpur with me. Though the city is on a decline because of all the crappy politicians who have taken charge of it but still the place adds a zing to my heart whenever I visit there and it will always remain home for me.

2- Pune – again is city which is very close to my heart. I have spent some very beautiful moments in Pune and some of my high points in life have happened in Pune.

3- Bangalore – This is the city where currently my life is. 🙂

4- Goa – Though I have not stayed there for a long time, but in a short trips which I have made to Goa the culture, life and beaches simply take over me.

5- Singapore– I know I am one of the people who find the concrete jungles lovely. And Singapore is an epitome of the concrete jungle. The kind of organized and orderly lifestyle the city has makes my heart yearn for being in Singapore.

6- Cliffs of Moher, Ireland– I visited the cliffs couple of months back and the view is simply difficult to get out of heads.

So before I close this post, I will leave you folks with the view of The Cliffs of Moher.

4 comments on “10 Day You Challenge- Day 5: 6 Places”

  1. Irfan Iqbal Gheta Reply

    Dear Prats, Nicely picked places. The Series is getting more and more interesting as the days are passing. I am awaiting the next post eagerly,

  2. Smita Reply

    That’s an awesome pic!!

    And just saw the 1-10 of the challenge and I feel why just 4 books? They shud change it secret 😉

  3. tikulicious Reply

    Pune is my love. I have spent some memorable time there. The cliffs of Moher look gorgeous and I would love to go there. This tag has been fun. On to day 5. :)Do visit.

  4. aarti Reply

    Ireland is in my list of to visit!! Pune-i quite loved :), Goa= sigh, i wanna go back there…

    The pic is wow….

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