10 Day You Challenge- Day 7: 4 Books

Books are again one of my favorite past time and interests and given that I read a lot choosing 4 books becomes very difficult. Obviously both Urban Shots & Down The Road are not included in the list though they are special to me more than any other book. 🙂

So here goes the list of 4 books which I really loved-

1- One, Richard Bach– If there is a book which I think changed me as a person it was One. A lot of my world view was changed after reading this book.

2- Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand– There is so much written about this book that I cannot possibly add anything further. All I will say that I generally have some of my favorite excerpts of this book typed on my comp and I read it time and again when I get a chance.

3- Srimad Bhagvad Gita– This is one of the best philosophies of the world, I have read it couple of times and don’t think have a got even half of the essence in it. Every time I read this it brings out a different perspective in me.

4- Harry Potter Series- Again enough has already said about the HP series and how it takes the reader to the world of fantasy.

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14 comments on “10 Day You Challenge- Day 7: 4 Books”

  1. Ramesh Reply

    Mmmm. Interesting choice in terms of mix – was looking forward to this, more than the other parts of the Challenge, for an author’s opinion on books is even more special. Interesting that you chose One over Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

    • Prats Reply

      @Ramesh: Yes for me One is better and special as compared to Jonthan Livingston Seagull. May be because my learning or perspective was changed much more when I read One.

  2. Deepthi Reply

    Good choices..I haven’t read the first two books,but I read Bhagavad Gita and HP series..Bhagavad Gita is the best book,whenever i’m distrubed reading that brings about solace…And ofcourse JKR has written HP superbly…

  3. momofrs Reply

    Ditto on the Harry Potter 😀
    As for Ayn Rand, my all-time favourite is “The Fountainhead” .I can pick it up,open any page and get engrossed withing seconds.
    I hadn’t heard of Richard Bach’s One, so I guess I should hunt for this book now (since its first on your list 🙂 )

    • Prats Reply

      @MomOfRS: Oh I loved Fountainhead .but of all her books I like Atlas Shrugged the most. Well try One its a beautiful and thoughtful read

      • momofrs Reply

        Just got hold of my copy of Urban Shots (I’m late, I know 🙁 )
        Will let you know about your story 😉

  4. Mystic Reply

    I haven’t read any of the four listed above…but if list my top four Ayn rand Fountain would make it to the list for sure…”Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision.”

    BTW have u actually read Gita?? just curious…one thing i appreciate about Muslims and Christians is that they read their holy books religiously unlike Hindus…if not everyday one should at least once to know what’s there

  5. tikulicious Reply

    I love Richard Bach and Bhagvad Gita is a rule book for life for me. I don’t take it as a holy book but as something which changes the course of your mind forever. Harry Potter .. well :p not my favorite. I know you are shocked but then I am different 😉

  6. Debosmita Reply

    I did the post too 🙂 For me, topmost is The Fountainhead any day, but I quite liked Atlas Shrugged too, esp the character and philosophy of Francisco D’Anconia (yes, more that Galt/Taggart). I love HP, but decided not to list it because I wanted to talk about other books that I love. 🙂

    • Prats Reply

      @Debosmita: I totally know what you mean when you say you liked Fancisco D’Anconia more than you did Galt/Taggart, I am one of those too. As a matter of fact I always keep a soft copy of the Anconia’s speech on money on my laptop and re-read it during my free time 🙂

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