The movie is a bit different from the league movie. Not the typical happy ending types and to me the most important thing it raises up the same question that lingers in my mind, “Why is the system, the way it is? Why the system is compromising on the standards of the country?” the point which is put across in the movie and it also haunts me sometime where is it going to end. The way innocent guys of college like us, who are just having fun in their life go out to kill a politician. The strange thing is that which movie high lights is that our generation next has adopted a lot of western ways, there are many pubs and lounge, more one night stands, more girls out in less of clothes…… But still there is the feeling of belongingness in them for the country. They say that they don’t care about the country and want to go abroad to ettle there and many of them really do but most of them do come back when the country really calls them. The way the country is going has to change. The present students are the people who will make the country and run it tomorrow. And what the system is offering them- the lessons to bribe the local police officer and run your bikes without proper papers. The important issue is why the system is compromising on the standard of the young generations. We have been talking about the corporate big words the six sigma implementation. Are the processes in the institutes which are converting our youths to the talent pool in place. Are their proper hecks and balances in place that every child in india who goes through an education in India will get a minimum level of qualty education. The corruption is existant in every country in the world but the form and effect of corruption is very important. The corruption should not meddle with the basic infrastructure and amneties. The movie shows how an army officer crashes down in a mig and the minister blames him as a careless officer. The point is if a mig crashes of bad plane condition then also its the fault of the government processes which comes into making of the deals for the migs and their spare parts, and even if the pilot was not competent enough (which was not in the case of the movie) then also the processes of the government which were responsible for the selection and pilots accesibility of migs were defective and in both cases the govt is responsible.

The corruption is not only in the form where the bribes are taken and money is siphoned of from the taxes. The more dangerous form of teh corruption is when even after taking out money the work done is sub standard. No one bribes people to be lax at work but still train accidents keep on happening because the processes are not in place.

Overall the movie was very good and an eye opener kind. Which tells the extremities the corruption could lead and it also showed a possible dreadful end the way our system is going.
Thats all for now… till next post Adieu!!!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Just saw this movie today and liked it. It really helped me to recover from Mangal pandey disaster.
    Plus, found your blog link on orkut and added it to my favorites. So you can expect my comments.

    Neeraj (Hope it rings a bell),
    CH 2002 passout.

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