February 14th, the day when cupids are flying all over the ears, the heart skips beating with the sight of the every other person of opposite sex. The heart calls to ask is she the one for me. Is she the one who will be mine…. and suddenly you turn around and you realise she is not the one for you. The one who just came down walking down is the one for you and the story continues. Heart breaks and rose takes are things you can see round the corner. The amazing fun behind the story is that suddenly everyone on this earth starts falling in love. I have heard that when one falls in love there is a tickle which is all over your heart and mind. Suddenly every person in this world on a fix date start feeling that tickle. Just another Feb 4teen (Analogus to Y2K) problem. The day is good, nice weaher and sudenly the colors start changing. Roses being transffered and feeling being conveyed. Messages and emotons flowing across hearts like the money flows from government’s pockets to fiscal deficits. All the more what makes things confusing is that whether the rosses end up in the heart or be the ground art the day ends over a wine and tarts (though reasons differ from bliss and kisses to ditches). All this exercise whole day finally comes to end when the day is called of.
The next morning …. it’s a brand new day (though some hangover is still there) and yesterday was just another day.

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