Chennai…Yennala Unna Maraka Mudiyala

The two months have come to an end, My summer internship over will be leaving Chennai tomorrow. It has been once in a life time experience. I never thought that I will be able to like the place. Two months back when I got down on the station and suddenly I felt where the hell i have come all crowde around me people shouting running around, I stood still just trying to figure what is happening, trying to guess on which platform I am. It seemed that these two months would never pass. The time flew by as I could have never guessed, lots of ups and downs, but in this period it has left me with an amazing experience. Great friends, nice place to work, Walks down to the spencer plaza, Spending hours in Landmark going thorugh the books, Regular coffee at Java green (Though my friends here in Tata Indi call it corporate espionage, everytime I go out to have a coffe sip in the Reliance outlet) all my days have been remarkable experience. I dont know that I would ever come back but one thing is for sure I will Never forget Chennai- Yennala Unna Maraka Mudiyala. Some of my memories…

My Office on Anand Mount Road, Chennai
Marketing division Tata Indicom, My battle ground…

My Cubicle, I worked from here 🙂

My friends inside the office….
With my friends on our Chay ki tapri…

That was an experience…for Now it is TATA TATA INDICOM, TATA CHENNAI

3 comments on “Chennai…Yennala Unna Maraka Mudiyala”

  1. Balaji Reply

    Seldom I hear from people that they actually liked our city, glad you liked it. Though there is much more than Mount road and Spencer, may be when you visit again, you get time to see more of it.

    I can understand when you say you had some ups and downs… in Chennai. Every city does… also means you are a matured traveler.

  2. Aarti Reply

    :))nice post… most people who come here like it or hate it.. but most have a good experience wrt to the place :-))

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