And The Traffic Continued…

The chilled December wind blew across her face, letting loose silver strands of hair, now flowing over her face. The tightly closed eyes and the head turned towards the shoulders and the back rested against the wall. The wrinkles on her face talked about the miseries of the years and the years of miseries. As I moved towards her, I could see her lying besides the parapet wall of a huge building. Her dirty clothes tightly wrapped around her giving an insight of her very lean, starved figure. I moved another step forward right in front of the large palace like building, which was often referred as the pride of the city. Located across one of the busiest roads of the country, the road was filled with moving traffic at all hours of the day, and the large cars past through the road slowing down for a while to appreciate the largeness of the building and the surrounding. I stood right across the old woman and could also hear her moans of pains which were caused by the chilly winter winds or may be some ailments she was suffering with. I stood across pitying the old women. I was thinking that how inconsiderate our system and our government is, no one can take care of this old woman. Lots of thought critical about the system and trying to tell myself those things would have been different if I would have been the person in-charge. Perhaps the old woman also sensed my presence and opened her eyes, she tried to move a little, but couldn’t move and the voice from her throat was inaudible. Her eyes begged of some consideration and help, seeing me stopping by her eyes had shimmer of hope when she looked towards me. As those eyes met mine, I took a step forward and moved forwards and perhaps I saw a tear dropped from her eyes and the traffic was still moving….

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