25 Things To Do In Bangalore

Saw this post at Ratzz on things to do in the city you live in. Found it quite interesting, and since that I have lived in a lot of cities I might do it for some which I know well. So here is a list of 25 things to do when you are in Bangalore.

1-      Take a walk on the Brigade Road on a Saturday evening

2-      Eat Masala Dosa at Vidhyarthi Bhavan

3-      Take a stroll across the Lal Bagh

4-      Watch the sunrise over Nandi Hills

5-      Have a ride in the Red Volvo busses

6-      Do some window shopping at UB City Mall

7-      Have a cup of coffee in silver tumblers at Maiyas or MTR

8-      Have a Kingfisher beer  at Dewars’ the oldest bar in the beer capital

9-      Take a drive through electronic city or Whitefield to see the pulse of technology hotspots

10-   Visit the Vidhan Sabha of Karnataka on Sunday evenings or on Public holiday evenings when the lighting is on

11-   Have an authentic Uttar Kannada meal at Kamat Lokaruchi (pref on Mysore Road)

12-   Have a Gobhi(Cauliflower) Manchurian from the street peddler

13-   On a rainy evening get out for drive in cars around 6 in the evening to have a real taste of Bangalore traffic

14-   Take a stroll across the Cubbon Park

15-   Shop for Kaveri Handicrafts or Sandalwood in Majestic

16-   Have a drink at ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ followed by dinner at ‘Ebony’ Retaurant overlooking the skyline of Banglore

17-   Visit Visvesvariya Industrial & Technical Museum

18-   Visit the 16th century Bull Temple

19-   Visit the Blossoms Book Store if you are a book lover

20-   Visit the Rangashankara for a splendid theatrical performances

21-   Have piping hot Idlis at Brahmins

22-   Have a trip to Wonder La amusement park

23-   Have some gourmet cakes and pastries at Sugar & Spice, the patisserie at the Taj Vivanta at Trinity Circle.

24-   Spot some wildlife and animals at Bannerghatta National park

25-   Just take a walk in the evenings reminiscing the weather and if you are lucky there would be mild a drizzle soothing your face anywhere and anytime in Bangalore

Well this from someone who has been here in this city for close to two years, so if you folks have got to add something on Bangalore the comments is an open house.

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  1. Ratzzz Reply

    😀 Thanks

    and hey, i have done most of them except the beer and Rangashankara. Never was able to procure a ticket and not a big Beer fan..

    anyways, adding
    26. Commit yourself to gluttony in Food Street at VV Puram
    27. Bargain and buy fresh veggies and flowers at Madivala junction market. Possibly before 8am 😀
    28. And visit this huge shiva temple behind one of the malls.. I forgot the name though 🙁

    don’t ask how i know abt Bangalore though 😀

    • Prats Reply

      @Ratzzz: Lol now that you have stopped me from asking the obvious question….All I can say is let me know when you want to watch a play in Rangashankra in advance I can procure ticket for you its quite near my home and now they have started online booking too… So next time don’t miss it 😉 specially “The Blue Mug”

    • Kiran Reply

      Kemp Fort Shiva statue behind Kemp Fort Mall on Old airport road (For 28)

  2. Ramesh Reply

    13. is cruuueeeellll 🙂

    My tewo penny bit

    29. Visit the Iskcon temple
    30. Take in a cricket match at the Chinnaswamy stadium (its one of the better stadiums in the country)
    31. Visit the Sai Baba Ashram in Whitefield or Sri Sri Ravishankar’s ashram on Kanakpura road
    31. Watch a play at Chowdiah hall
    32. Join Vatal Nagaraj on one of his quixotic Kannada protests

    • Prats Reply

      @Ramesh- I have yet to see Art of Living ashram and Rangashankra always takes preference over CM hall because of proximity 🙂
      I am sorry but I have no clue on Vatal Nagraj but will read up on him 😀

  3. shruthi Reply

    2 years you guys have done a lot. good work!!! i am sure native bangaloreans would have not done everything in that 25

  4. shruthi Reply

    to add more:-

    1. Shopping on comm street
    2. Shopping kanchi sarees on chickpet
    3.Food street in VV puram
    4. Sadashivanagar – sankey tank
    5.Bangalore palace

    • Prats Reply

      @Shruthi- I am yet to see Bangalore Palace & What about Sankey Tank is there something to visit there?

  5. aarti Reply

    Have done most of these!! 😀

    I also enjoy

    *Having Bangarpet Chat in Gandhi bazaar
    *Going on a long drive down the NICE road
    *Visiting TG Halli for a few hours of birding
    *The Bannerghatta Butterfly park-http://travellerspeaks.blogspot.com/2010/04/dreams-do-come-true.html
    *Quick walk inside the Bangalore Palace[ there are a few rooms open to public, thats it]
    *A lazy sunday breakfast at Koshy’s
    *Visit to the Aurobindo Ashram near Ulsoor lake
    * Feasting on the majestic idols and sculptures in Shiro[UB City]

    *Meeting friends at Ice n Spice for yumm burgers! 😀

  6. momofrs Reply

    – Dollops of Ice-cream from The Cornerhouse
    – Lip-smacking Italian fare from Casa Piccola (Cunningham road)
    – Pastries from Nilgiris
    – Authentic Banglorean Biryani from Taj hotel, Shivajinagar.

    …wait an effing minute! Looks like all my inputs are related to food 😐 !
    Aww rot! Am breaking my fasts before time 🙁

    • Prats Reply

      @MomofRS: You know I was hoping someone would right these items on the list you mentioned. All I can say is this list is a few decades old-
      1- The CornerHouse as of right now is bad and damn expensive. Polar Bear and Swensens are way better
      2- Casa Piccola is again now longer a rage as it used to be, Little Italy is better now.
      3- Nilgiri’s is again is old and Ice & Spice and Taj Residency Road are better places as Aarti mentioned

      Have to still try the biryani 🙂

  7. Naeem Khan Reply

    Nice list.

    Maybe a few more
    * Take the ladies to saree shopping at Angadi Silks.
    * Ginger tea at Sridevi Bakers on 7th Main BTM 2nd Stage. You will thank me for this if you a tea lover.
    * Have Dinner at Pier 39.
    * Try Sitaphal Ice Cream at Naturals(I know it’s from Bombay, but still)BG Road preferably.
    * Try street shopping in Shivajinagar/City Market on Saturday evening.

    • Prats Reply

      @Naeem Khan: My wife loves Sridevi bakers ginger tea. I am still to try Pier 39 now that you recommend it will try that. Though I would not include Naturals in the list as it is not a Bangalore original thing, it is a chain from Mumbai. For ice creams I could have said Corner House but I found it very over rated and there were other joints which are better than it as of now.

    • Prats Reply

      @Prasanna: Hope you get to be in Bangalore soon… And add to the list if you can think of something which I missed 🙂

  8. Aiswarya Reply

    Thanks a bunch for this post and comments. I was googling stuff to do in Bangalore and looks like I hit jackpot!
    Good Work!

  9. Prenusha Pillay Reply

    Thanks for this! I am visiting in December. Any suggestions on where to go shopping for some designer indian wear at not-designer prices? Thanks

  10. Nidz Reply

    I am here in Bangalore for 3 months and have done most of these things…but really awesome list for NRI 🙂 thankss

  11. Prasanna Reply

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  12. Shweta Reply

    Nice list.. We are visiting Bangalore next week.. We are avid bikers and the hotel we are staying in suggested a ride to Nandi Hills (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nandi_Hills,_India).. This list is old, but we are taking more points from this – visiting Lalbagh, Cubbon Park, and UB city mall.. Staying at a hotel we found via Trip Advisor – http://www.thepaulbangalore.in – any recommendations on things to see near the hotel? Or is there a better hotel that we should stay which is closer to the areas? Thanks again for your inputs. Helped in our research!

  13. Mohsin Shirazi Reply

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