The Road Bend

On this cold morning, the chilly wind brushing apart,
The city is already awake, the sun is red conquering the dark,
On the lush green trees, the larks sing their songs,
Calling all the city, “Do come along”.
The empty roads, suddenly appreciate crowd,
The shouting engines roared down with proud.
Everyone is rushing thinking of rest & joy,
On the corner stood all alone, a little boy.
All alone in this mad world he decided to toil,
Felt his home beneath the sky and above the soil.
No one in this world he had, to reach out and go,
The mettle in him, he wanted to show.
But he ever knew what will be the endm
Never realized where in eternity he will land.
Strange mix of courage and lonliness his life was a blend,
His only companion in his journey was the Road Bend.

2 comments on “The Road Bend”

  1. Gaurav Reply


    Really Nice Poem……I guess there lots of good poets in the Senior batch……
    BTW I envy u for gettin that Autographed Book from Mr.A.Shourie

  2. dreamgirl Reply

    This is a poem which is a reflection of each one of us who are reading this poem.. all of us have the same small boy as a part within and we do tend to feel all alone while struggling hard to survive and keep ourselves happy ….i find your poem trickles something somewhere in my heart and gives me motivation to keep going….looking forward to get a few more readings ..

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