Of Betrayal in Love, Trust & Relatioships

I feel shocked, there has to be an element of trust in every relationship. I have never been betrayed so badly, my trust has never gone for toss with such scorn, and it hurts. Yes it hurts badly. I was one of the early adopters of the product called “Soft Drinks” or “Aerated Drinks”. They have been a part of my life since past 15 years, they have been as close to me, and had replaced water to quite an extent in my lifestyle. I still remember my order when I used to visit the Dhaba( a small food joint, by the highway side) and my usual order used to be “Special tadke wali Dal, Butter Roti and Pepsi” which used to make my dinner night after night in my days of engineering college. How I used to be a lover of soft drinks, a loyalist to their product and as well as brand.

I stand here now, feeling betrayed, dumped for the most selfish purpose in life, making money. I always trusted them bestowed my love on them, and all they did was to play on my life, my quality of my life. They lied to me about everything, I gave them a place in my life and they made money out of my cost. Last evening the highlights flashing on the TV, told me that how badly Pepsi & Coca-Cola had treated me. What they had been doing to me behind my back. I was always told that I was being provided was a world class product, a quality product. I always believed that I was getting into a relationship with these products as an advocate for their quality. I never believed then 3 years from now, when they told me that I was being fed on pesticide. I never believed but yesterday I knew that I was dumped in love, I was used, and my trust was compromised.

It’s so bad that I was being fed on pesticide that too 24 times what was permissible for keeping my health. It was like you were blinded in love and your lover is out to kill you. I don’t know how much I have lost in this relationship, how much my quality and length of life have been compromised. But I would follow a belief that has always guided me through bad relationships “Relationships are like Investment, Get out of a bad one as soon as possible”. Now that my courtship with aerated drinks is over and the blindfold removed, I could see the things clearly and have a determination in my heart that I am not going to allow them to play with my emotions and my life anymore, they don’t deserve someone as loyal as me and I am not going to be associated with Cyprians like coke and Pepsi anymore!!!!

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  1. Nikhil Narayanan Reply

    I know its the end of a relationship…
    U know Whiskey does not contain presticides…
    try that next time..its any day safer…

  2. Prats Reply

    I think u r right… but seems like wud have to start neat.. No sodas for me it seems….


  3. Simi Reply

    Don’t give your heart to filanderers, lest you find yourself heart-broken…thats the moral of the story. Good luck next time!

  4. dreamgirl Reply

    I can understand your feelings….afterall bad habits die hard….try to find substitutes dear..and yeah do remember they shud be non alchoholic subsitutes otherwise after few years i might find myself reading another trust breaking tale in your post….take care.

  5. Shubhadeep Reply

    It’s indeed a paradox that one who speaks of mistrust himself is a part of it… When i trust somebody in a relationship, no report from an NGO called Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) can break that trust…

    As one of the so called CDs has rightly Quoted,
    “Dikhawon pe mat jao – – APNI AKAL LAGAO”

    Don’t trust unauthenticated sources to change your perception… Read Othello / Watch Omkara and learn a lesson 🙂

  6. Prats Reply

    For Shubhadeep:

    I agree to the fact that I should not trust an NGO or a any other organization but there are some opinions that generate out of deductive logic which tends which if not believed coutours my belief in rationality & sanity of my mind

    1- Niether Pesi nor Coke have come forward to condemn this statement in press

    2- They spend so much of money in publicity, advertisment. But no ads to counter this (cadbury accepted and told its loyalist that they are doing something about it). it has been 3 year since this controversy has popped up and these companies haven’t come up with anything for their consumers.

    3- I knw that may be the water I am drinking as of now may contain more pesticides than a bottle of pepsi, but thats not the point… What hurts is when I bought a bottle of pepsi or a coke I always believed that I spent my money on something that is best quality in the world. ThE US govt bans Indian fruit exports because they contain pesticides, and the Amercian companies feed us Indians on pesticides. Am I being an Indian less Human on any grounds than an Amercian citizen.

    If it is not true then why not these companies come forward and deny the challenge. Why?
    1- The reports on NDTV website change in around 3 hours of their being published.
    2- Suddenly a breaking news goes of the air as if it was never there?
    3- Why not Nevile Isdell say this is not possible with an organization like us, We believe in values for which you have been trusting us since so many years.

    My only question is why, Its not about learnings from Omkara or Othello, its about WHY???????

  7. Shubhadeep Reply

    All I could make out of the reply to my comment was that Why the companies did not counter the statement by CSE…

    Well it’s coz media wants masala for the public. And the cold drink companies understand that intellectual public like me will not be moved by such claims… Am shocked to know that people do believe all this crap, and ignore the highest selling brand in the world. Coke or Pepsi did not come out with any reaction because of a simple Cost-Benefit Analysis… Coming out with a reaction would have been definitely costly and would had spread the issue to a greater extent. At present, the claim has hardly impacted Coke or Pepsi sales. If they rect… it will cost and will spread the news worldwide… and will be suicidal… So i think big brands are intelligent enough not to react. The claim was put down by government itself…

    Ohkkay now we have my serious of WHYs…

    1. CSE is just another NGO. I refuse to believe that they are the most concerned people in India for people’s health. Why did not any other Government norganization / NGO come up with this? Or Coke had money to bribe all other Agencies except CSE??? WHY did coke / pepsi did not bribe CSE? Ha ha ha !!!
    2. WHY do people still believe in the crap spread by the same organization… which has once did this earlier and failed???

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