First of all I think I should offer the creators of klueless2 my heart full condolences, because the way the ideas are being produced in their minds their soul would never be at peace. I must admit that never in my life I have worked harder to get a phone number, not even of the hottest chic I have seen and here I slog my butt off for 3 days to eventually to get phone number of Vivek Mishra (FYI: I haven’t turned gay but the goddamn game was so interesting). I am pretty sure the Satan would have been there side, because even god won’t keep me awake for 3 nights. The 3 nights that I have spent balancing my time between the studies and this game in a ratio of 20:80. The last night fighters for the examinations would know how difficult is to do such a feat in days of your exams. Anyways lots of ranting already I will come straight to the point, the 10 things which are something strange

1- Games like this are more of a man’s affair rather than anything else. I know some pretty readers of this blog would love to call me a male chauvinist pig. But the truth is that this game is created by 3 guys and by far majority of the people I came across on the blog were guys and even among the top 25 winners there have been all guys.

2- Sometimes looking upside down can change your world, its good for general health that when nothing works standing upside down with legs dangling in air might solve a lot of your problems. ( I will tell this to Arjun Singh about this, might solve a lot of problems)

3- Sometimes what you think is the most sensible and obvious thing in the world might not be the same for someone else. It matters a lot when the verdict of that “someone else” is deciding factor.

4- One should never leave spelling mistakes in the documents. Spelling mistakes can be quite a pain you all know where. For me the pain lasted for more than 12hrs and was quite a learning experience.

5- Sometimes ignorance is bliss, I would have never tried to solve a Rubik cube if I knew how tough it is, I won’t write further because it might spoil the game for many who are still struggling.

6- Sometimes knowing weird things like Japanese movies being remade and Pink Floyd is not only David Gilmour but Roger Waters too helps

7- Quitting or Failures cannot be options anywhere.

8- There are 19 a#*&s who have beaten me and I have to shoot them to be the best or will have to wait for the next year. And one of them is meeting me for dinner tonight…can someone lend me a pistol J (Ps. For those who don’t know I finished in top 20 in this game)

9- Next time some smart-ass tells you about an interesting game in midst of the exams shoot him there itself don’t leave a chance.

10- Forward the game to all the people in your class as still 3 exams are left….

Well that’s the story of me & klueless2.


  1. Priyanka Reply

    cheer up yaar..ending 15th when people from most of the B-schools are after this game is really appreciable..and your blog is actually creating interest about the game inside me..seems like am gonna play it..par yaar abhi to ye level three se bhi aage nahin badh raha hai..but i will fight..

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I am flattered with the kind of things you have written about klueless2………. thanks a lot


  3. Sumeet Reply

    tu pakka beghadne ke mood mein hai logon ko….exam chal rahe hai khud to padai nahi karega aur dusro ko bhi uksa raha hai…jokes apart gud show inspite of exams u managed to come under 20…to party kab de raha hai ??

  4. vishay Reply

    i wud like to thank myslef ..vikram…and lot of people who left interesting clues to crack these 20 stages……had it not been without these this pics n picks of life blog would have been incomplete…n trust me it wont have a wee bit of affect on the outcome of exams

  5. Vinay Reply

    No u don’t… I’m not taking this bait… No I won’t play… I need to study for CRM… I don’t wanna flunk and have a “learning experience”

    Hey I cracked level 2… maybe i’ll spend just a few mins more… he he

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