10 Oxymorons I learnt in Two years

Three year back when I started preparing for the CAT examination, I came across the word called ‘oxymoron’. Initially I thought it would be a word describing a huge aggressive moron, someone like me. The dictionary had some other opinions and it said Conjoining contradictory terms (as in ‘deafening silence’). I never could really understand that why do one need to conjoin the contradictory terms. A year and a half into MBA and here are the 10 new oxymorons (for ppl like Irfan and Reens: I know it is a verb, but I don’t know the plural & noun form for oxymoron) I have learned during the “GRIND”.

1- Business School

2- MBA Education

3- Professional Relationship

4- Friendly Group Discussion

5- Cooperative Boss

6- MBA Babes

7- Interesting Subject

8- Great Faculty

9- Dream Company

10- Intelligent Question

11- This one is specially for my SIBM mates- Reena Sharma

For anyone of you who have a doubt or an argument that anyone of these is not an oxymoron may feel free to comment object. If you want to call me because I just remember one more of it, which speaks of me – Receptive Person.

7 comments on “10 Oxymorons I learnt in Two years”

  1. Deepti Reply

    LOL…awsum post..agree to all except Great Faculty (courtesy : My college) and MBA Babes (courtesy most MBA colleges)..:))

    • Prats Reply

      @Vishwas Kasat: Welcome to Ginger & Cardamom, Well Reena Sharma is one of my closest friends from SIBM days. Sharma in Hindi means shy and Reena is anything but shy so the Oxymoron. The people who know her personally would actually relate to it.

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