5 Messed Up Things in my Life- Day 22

Well, for now I am in a mood to rant, I mean yes being positive etc etc are good advice. But one does have a right to be generally pissed off and rant oneself out. So here are the most messed up things in my life right now.

1- Mom’s Fracture– So finally my mom was staying with us for a month, with everything set plans made for trips to Chennai, Pondy, Mahabalipuram. She gets her feet fractured. That too for one of the stupidest causes, by a masseuse. So all plans canceled and down to bed rest.

2- Bangalore Traffic– I effin hate Bangalore Traffic. I mean what the hell why on earth do I take 2 hrs minimum to commute a 30 kms. For the record, I travel 30kms one way to work and then another 30 while coming back. That too in the peak hour Bangalore traffic. Did I say I hate Bangalore traffic, oh yes but then why won’t I?

3- Time Management– Though I have always been admired by people for my time management skills. I always found time for doing things which I wanted, but lately this has almost become impossible. 🙁

4- Laziness– I have been gaining weight and hogging like a pig all this time without any exercise. I am not doing anything about it 🙁

5- Priorities– My priorities in life are entirely screwed with effin social obligations from all the side limiting the amount of time and effort which ideally should be allocated based on priority 🙁

23 comments on “5 Messed Up Things in my Life- Day 22”

  1. Monika Reply

    uff I hate blore traffic too… I think I hate it too much… sigh

    and my god how did ur mom get hurt… that would have felt very irritating i am sure… but sit with her and watch movies may be?

  2. Nu Reply

    3 & 4 taking up on me too :/ Sigh !

    Hope your mom is better now…wishes for speedy recovery !

  3. Iya Reply

    oh,mom’s fracture sounds bad.. and the remaing, some u can control others u cant.. traffic is a pain and each person on bangalore is suffering!!
    for laziness, get ur self motivated..find a physical activity that u will enjoy..just think about ur health!!

  4. Indian Homemaker Reply

    Hope you mom feels better soon.

    You drive a lot!!! I have hardly drive after coming to Delhi…

    Take up photography seriously, walk in parks with your camera every morning – exercise bhi, blogging material bhi 🙂

  5. vJ Reply

    And I thought that I am the only one who is suffering from traffic, time mis-management 🙂 and laziness.

    Hope your mom will get well soon and you can carry on with your ghumakkari plans 😉

  6. Vipul Reply

    Wishes for the aunt for speedy recovery…
    And Liked ur messed up things specially laziness point..;)

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