5 Powerful Phrases

Well Ps wrote an awesome post which can actually be forwarded as a tag. As she already mentioned that men find it difficult to do this one, and females find it easy, so me being a single child , materialistic bachelor, living away from home and parents didn’t actually help. But then this falls in line with my 5 things about my series, so I thought I might as well take the tag. So here I dedicate 5 very important phrases of my life-

1. You’ve changed my life. – My Computer Science Teacher back in Class VI he introduce me to the world of technology and I haven’t stopped since then being a Technology Freak.

2. I need you. – Sumeet Agarkar (He is one of my best friends, He would fit in all the phrases but I guess no one else would fill this column today more than him. He is one person who can, and does knows what I am going through and what I want without even saying a world)

3.I really love you- Mom & Dad

4.I’m here for you- Vikash, Siddharth, Ruchika

5.You are a gem. What will I do without you? Praveen, Deepti, Vikram, Sumit Bhatia, Vishay, Reena, Neha, Wagas, Mahashweta, Shantanu, Ankit.

Well all you people thanks a lot for being there in my life. It feels so good after doing such a post, when you remember that you have simply amazing people in your life. The people who would simply not stop loving you, being there for you and genuinely kick your backside when you try and screw up. Well for everyone who is wondering at the long list, yeah I am the pampered kid of the block not only by my parent s but also my circle of friends who just would not stop bearing with me despite my impossible self.

Well this is a nice Tag, and It would really be fun if you want to do it, But from my own I ask D to do it, you have recently started blogging. It would be fun thing for you.

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  1. Monika Reply

    good tag indeed…

    and all tags are welcome at this time so will take it up πŸ™‚

  2. Prats Reply

    @opinionsandexpressions: Thank you

    @Monika: Well now you said it, you got another one πŸ™‚

    @smita: Thanks

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