Betty & Veronica

I have recently being giving ears to two of my very close friends, Betty and Veronica (I am not the Archie between them, they have two different Archie for each one of them) Some times the situation is so interesting that I can’t help laughing at the irony of life. The life is so similar to fiction and a stark contrast it provides at times is really interesting.

Betty is always the one who loves, the one who is ready to give in and ready to go that extra mile to make the relationship work. A cute simple bubbly kind of a girl who would remain cheerful and would always be worried that if she would have her Archie or not. The problem with Betty is Archie likes her as a friend, thinks really high of her and he would do anything if she needs help. The only problem here is this is not enough to start a relationship, a relationship requires a lot more than just being there. This is where the problem arises when Betty asks a fundamental question; if there can be someone else then why not me? What is the problem with me? Why someone else over and above me? The only answer to this question is that world is not binary, the relationships and emotions do not work that way. I always say that I execute my relationships very practically. I know what I am into but the truth is that there are times when I have done things which in most of my sanest explanation were insanity. This is not because I am imbalanced or something it is just that the co-existence of Love & Insanity is not a mere chance but a law of nature.

Veronica is a total contrast to what Betty is though similar in a lot of aspects but posing a stark difference also. Veronica is the one who has decided that Archie is her guy, and she owns him. She will make sure that he remains his guy. She is completely laid back and expects Archie to do travel that extra mile for the sake of relationship. Aware of the fact that even if he goes that extra mile there is no end to it, doesn’t find it sane. Veronica on the other hand knowing the end would trade everyday a little just to get the moment of pep with Archie and would stall the relationship to a day further and then a day more and another. The problem here is Archie doesn’t left with much his life is answerable to Veronica. The interesting thing is why he should be able to answerable to her, when there are no long term commitments. Veronica on the other hand would ask questions like how can he be so oblivious to me? How can he think of someone else? The problem here is she is not willing to accept the fact that he does not belongs to her from the moment they disintegrated their future. A relationship is not a day to day trade which you keep on executing but a long term investment which you sow in initial years and reap later. If you start reaping before watering the roots properly the relationship would only be only bark with no solid trunk & roots to support from inside.

When I listen to them, I feel touched by the conviction of emotions be it Betty or Veronica especially when I know they are not heading towards what they want. All I can do is to suggest them the right path, but sometimes I question myself that am I capable enough to do it? Do I really understand the sea of emotions with them? Would I be doing the same thing if I were in there place? The questions can never be answered because I can never be at there place because I am not what they are, the only solace for me is that what I tell them is what I really believe and my honest wish to see them happy all through out their life. Best of luck mates for whatever you do in life, I always wish you get what you want and a bit more.

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