Terra Incognita

It has been a month now since the news has been out and I have been told that I will be spending some next few years, months and days of my life with a reputed IT Company. Since then, something has changed. A lot of thoughts are flowing around in the empty space above my neck casually referred to as head. It’s going to be a new place, new people, new environment, new expectation everything new. All that’s going to be old is may be a quarter of century antique me. There are so many questions propping all over, that the world seems to be hazed out. It was so easy few days back, when all I wanted to do was to reach where I am. But now over a month, the world is unclear, which I thought was my goal is just an intermittent destination and I don’t know where I will be going henceforth. Till here the journey was so far so good the terrain was familiar, and the feet were held strong. But what about the land ahead, is it a swamp which will swallow me completely with nothing left of my antiquity, or will there be a strong wind that will blow me away. Will the sunshine in the east, will the moon still shine or the seasons would stop. It is like passing through a gate where you do not know what lies ahead, but you also know that once you enter there are no comebacks.

I have always been surprised by the ability of life to bring new and still new surprises for me. Sometimes pleasant while other times not so pleasant. There are a lot of questions which are standing straight in front of me. The only answer to them is to live them with the time. The only way I have ever won from being surprised by the life was giving her back surprises in a bigger and better way. All I can feel from my gut, there is going to be a competition between me and life and its going to be array of surprises and an era of unpredictability for the next few years. All I can say to life is let the best between two win……. Adieu till the next post.

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  1. Megha Reply

    Hey Prateek,

    I can certainly try to imagine what you would have felt when you wrote this post! 🙂
    CONGRATS!..for everybody knows what getting a job is all about! ..
    Wish you lots of luck, and may you find many reasons to be happy with the path you have decided to folow!
    ya, may the best win :)(btw life n u-wt did u think :P) !!

    P.S. A very simple and honestly composed state of mind =)!

    kip in touch !

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