No-Fun-Jabi by Nature

I recently wrote about “Punjabi by Nature” “here” but my recent experience there has turned out to be a disaster and I have decided never to visit that place again. As the readers of this blog would be knowing that I am hardcore vegetarian and I ate one morsel of chicken (I know it would not be a big deal for a lot of people, but for me it is) because despite conforming thrice the waiter couldn’t distinguish between the Keema Parantha and Gobhi Parantha. I mean is this how the people from an up-class premium joint act. Is it too difficult to have different colored plates for Veg & Non Veg. And after that the people were far from being apologetic; We left the food in the middle and the captain instead of being sorry for the mistake his staff had done was more worried about we will clear the bill and if we can take the leftover food with us. The tone of the staff was so rude when asked for the bill; the reply was “La to raha hoon”. Though the main manager seemed to realize the gravity of the situation but till then never in any of my corporate parties or personal parties by me and my friends I would visit if it is going to be in a Punjabi By Nature. They haven’t made a mistake but have broken my trust and have been proud of it. From now on for me NO-FUN-JABI by Nature.

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