A gesture more than 1000 Words

I always wondered about the actual disconnect which happens between the team working together like mine in a consultancy world. A lot of people I interact with, discuss things and together we work as a part of team. I have never met most of them personally for us the existence of each other is confined to a voice on the phone and the emails. The disconnect is further when it comes to the client whom the interaction is limited and very formal. The major challenge is how to get in sync with people. How to actually say how appreciative we are of each other and how we enjoy the discussions and perspectives arising for them. Amidst the lot of interaction which happens between us it is very difficult to convey the feelings of value of a team member. Often in the FMCG scenario it is done through parties outings. I was amazed by a way my client found out a way to say that how he valued out efforts. Me & few others from our project got this personalized note from director from the client side and signed by other stakeholders from the client and my company. It was something like this. It really made me feel that I was a part of the project and a huge team. Just wanted to thank everyone in the team for this.

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