A Week of Life

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The rain was heavily beating on the windscreen, the weather was very pleasant this evening. The mist all over the windscreen made Prayas switch on the a/c, he shifted in his seat and smiled to himself of the beautiful weather. The RJ was all gaga over the rain and was playing beautiful rain songs; he pushed down the volume and took out his cellular phone. He steered his car dexterously through the traffic with one hand, the other hand dialing out Vikrant.
“Network Error”….Redial
“Network Error”….Redial
“Damn! Mobile networks when you need to make a call, the network gets jammed” he cursed the mobile networks keeping down the cell on the non driving seat.
Suddenly he saw Vikrant’s number flashing on his cell screen for the incoming call; he blessed the connection of hearts and his timing.
“Hey man! You have a long time to live, I was just dialing you a minute back” Prayas exclaimed
“Why you don’t intend to live long or what?” Vikrant replied while laughing, “So what’s the plan where are you?”
“I just came out of my house; want to go to some place nice. What is the plan with you?”
“Nothing man, I am at symphony theatre with Poorva, you remember her? My friend you met last time when we went partying”
“Yes, I do. Let me pick you guys up from there and let’s go out and plan something. Its Saturday night yaar.”
“Sure, then we will wait for you at the exit of Symphony, how much time you would take? I hope you don’t mind Poorva tagging along with us?” Vikrant asked.
“Dude, come on, more the merrier. I will be there in another 10 minutes. See you” Prayas hung up the phone.
He thought himself about Vikrant’s question. He was in total awe of Poorva from the first time he had set his eyes on her. He couldn’t forget the night when he had met her for the first time. They had gone partying, she seemed to be very attractive and a friendly person. She turned into a wild cat, as soon as they reached the party, pulling everyone on to the dance floor. Prayas being the silent spectator was the most difficult one to pull. She held his hand and said “come on! You can’t just sit here”. Prayas laughed he said “You don’t know I have two left feet, you will be embarrassed of my mere presence on the floor.”
“Oh, in that case I will give you an offer you can’t refuse. Come on the dance floor. I will dance with you and won’t even leave you for a minute on the floor alone” Poorva said almost pulling him up. He so wanted to pull her back and embrace her, when he controlled his thoughts and got up. The dance floor was dazzling, her slender figure, moved like a snake in the strobe lights. Her smooth movements gliding in the golden silver light made her look like some kind of goddess. She was holding him guiding his body along with hers. He wasn’t aware of anything else not even his moves on the dance floor. He just could sense her touch, the smell of her Elizabeth Arden, the saltation of her hair. He just felt like, he should simply bend over one knee and just ask rest of her life for himself.
He came to reality by the honking, the signal was already green. He sheepishly smiled and moved his car forward. He was amused that he actually was blushing by her thoughts. He saw Vikrant and Poorva standing at the symphony exit; he gently steered left and stopped. After the initial pleasantries they hopped inside the car. He adjusted his rear view mirror to have a full view of her. He could see her pretty face, perfectly complimented by her dangling earrings. She was wearing a black top which was showing her off slightly and a figure hugging jeans which gave her a simple and elegant look.
“So, where are we heading tonight?” Vikrant said “You got anything on mind?”
“Nothing specific, I will choose the place, you people say what you want to do, partying or a silent dinner?”
“Well, I have a different idea. There is some obscure band playing at G&C’s today. Some band called OrKlan. If you people in we can check that out.” Poorva Chirped in.
“Ginger & Cardamom, that sounds like a great idea. However I haven’t heard of the band though. Anyways it’s always nice to hangout there.” Prayas replied.
“So G&C’s it is for tonight” Vikrant pepped in.
They headed towards the place for their evening out. Prayas concentrated most of the time relaxing his eyes of Poorva. They parked the car and moved in the G&C’s. The band had already started playing and they put on their masks and joined the head swinging crowd. The live music was mesmerizing, though the band was obscure but they were playing nice music. Everybody just swayed the bodies with the tunes of the music. Prayas savoring the music and every instance while his shoulders brushed with Poorva’s back. The time flew by before they announced that they were playing the last song, “Zombie”. The band members were all dressed as Zombies like it was Halloween and actually jumped in with the crowd while singing. The effect was overwhelming. They were so happy when the concert was over, the zombie song and the effect of the attire was simply out of the world. They were discussing the song and the theme while they headed back.
Poorva, was in one of the chirpy moods and she started with an abstract question, “Existence of Ghosts”. Then started a series of ghost stories, which all of them laughed over. They laughed over silly horror movies, true stories and experiences which had carried over word of mouth. Prayas laughed most at the lame stories told by Poorva, even he didn’t know why. Either they were too lame or he was too much into her, and actually loved every word she spoke. The icing on the cake was the “Red Swastik” story she told.
Somewhere Poorva, heard of that ghosts met people and they spent a night with them. When they went the person had a “Red Swastik” on his left shoulder. Once the mark is established the person can see ghosts and eventually die and turn himself into one within a week. Everyone laughed about the absurdity of the story and how stupid the entire idea was.
Prayas, was about to reach Poorva’s home, this was his only turn. He said “Hey, give me you phone number at least I will ring you up sometime.”
She said, “Oh ok, you concentrate on driving I will give you a missed call” and she dialed his number from her cell. She waited for two rings on his cell and this connected.
“Oh my my, numbers being exchanged. Something is cooking up I see.” Vikrant said teasingly.
“Oh Come on dude, you don’t start now” Prayas replied almost blushing.
They stopped at Poorva’s house; Prayas just wanted the time to stop. He wished if Vikrant wouldn’t have been here he could have spent some more time with her. He wished if she could invite them upstairs. All his wishful thinking came to a halt, when Vikrant finally bade goodbye to her. Prayas also wished her good night reluctantly. He half heartedly pulled his car back on the road. Deep down he was happy at least some progress he got her Phone number. He was thinking of what message to send her once he reached home.
Finally they reached Vikrant’s home, “Dude, your home.”
“Oh Yes, Come on dude have a good night and give me a call once you reach home.” Vikrant said.
“Come on man, I will reach you don’t wait. Chill and don’t bother.” Prayas consoled.
“No bro, it’s already 1o Clock. I will wait for your call. Anyways incoming is free and you don’t be such an ass thinking about a phone call” Vikrant replying laughing
“Ok I will call you after reaching home.” Prayas replied while laughing.
Prayas drove of to the home. It was one in the night he cruised at 100 kmph over the highway. Within minutes he was inside the road. He didn’t know if he was driving too fast or he lost his track of time thinking about Poorva. He so wished if he could actually be with her for his entire life. He slowed down when he came down from the highway. He saw some people walking on the road. He has been on this road for like multiple times but today it had quite a few pedestrians given it was 1o clock. He finally smiled the city was coming of age; people are actually out of houses till 1o clock.
He entered the society gates, and parked his car. He got of with jump on his walks reveling in the glory of the awesome time he had with Poorva. He unlocked the door, quietly went inside the home. He switched on the TV. Some news channel was showing dumb news that how the mobile networks in the city had collapsed from afternoon. He shrugged off how dumb the news people give a sensational commentary on the news channel. He picked up his cell to call Vikrant, when he noticed there was no signal, “Very Good” he said to himself. He went to the dresser, picked up the landline and called Vikrant. The phone rang 4-5 times before it was finally picked; he could hear Vikrant’s voice from other side,
“Hello, who is it?”
“Hey its me Prayas, I reached safely to my home”
“That’s great, but why you waking me up to tell me this. You were not expecting to reach safely or what? Don’t tell me you are not drinking and driving.” Vikrant jibed
“Dude, stop cracking jokes at this hour, I am calling because you asked me too when I dropped you back” Prayas replied unbuttoning his shirt.
“You dropped me off, how many drinks you have had? I have been sick, I have not gotten out of my home since morning” Vikrant replied
“Stop making idiotic jokes, its 2 in the night” Prayas said throwing his shirt to the laundry bin.
“What the heck are you talking about…..” Vikrant replied confused.
Prayas was no longer paying any attention; his eyes were glued to mirror in the dressing. His left shoulder had a Red Tattoo inking a Swastik….The voice in his head was repeating obscure lines from the evening “Once the mark is established the person can see ghosts and eventually die within a week.” His eyes were fixated on his shoulder, sinking the thought he had “A Week of Life”

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  1. Deepti Reply

    :)..:)…pretty diff from what i was expecting when i started reading..:)))…naish attempt…btw i loved the G&C and Zombie..:))

  2. ruSh.Me Reply

    Everything is pretty narrated.. But at the end, what I did not get, is, if Prayas had the Red Swastik tattoo, it means, both Vikrant and Poorva are already dead and their ghosts spent the night with Prayas, giving him the tattoo…

    Or if, Vikrant is not dead, but sick and at home since morning, then whose ghost was it??


    • Prats Reply

      @Rush.Me: No They were some Random ghosts, who were disguised as Vikrant and Poorva. If you notice Prayas never had any conact with Vikrant. he tried to dial him he couldn’t (Networks for down) Ghost called him and disguised as Vikrant to get him….

  3. Atul Reply

    Deja Vu

    I was thinking about another end to this story, what if after waiting for Prayas’s call for long, Vikrant called Prayas to know that Prayas is in bangalore since friday.

  4. sri Reply

    very good plot and perfect narration, may be u have kept the messages little more hidden, its predictable 🙂 but yet good effort.

    • Prats Reply

      @Sri: You guessed it…. If I hadn’t posted the picture of Swastik would it have made a difference?

    • Prats Reply

      @Savitha: Really, So at least I managed to scare one person. Welcome to Ginger & Cardamom. Hope to see you often.

  5. Harish iyer Reply

    What a wonderful story teller. You created images in our minds and I almost had a virtual orgasm. Especially the unbuttoned shirt and all that.. wah wah.. You know, that swastik came in between the two else sure shot… sure shot! (pun intended) 🙂

  6. Miss M Reply

    Okay I think I skipped a beat when I read the ending.


    You cannot do this to a girl who is reading your post late at night while everyone is sleeping. If I died of a heart attack, you would have only yourself to blame! I watch fight scenes with my hands covering my eyes, so what do you think this one did to me?

    PS- Yes, I am quite dramatic! 😛
    But awesome narration, awesome story!

    • Prats Reply

      @Miss M: OMG Please don’t die… I will write a mushy love story for you 🙂 Well I name you the Drama Queen of G&C’s 🙂

  7. Miss M Reply

    Haha. And I shall gladly accept the honor bestowed upon me (mainly because it quite aptly describes me)! 😉

  8. tikulicious Reply

    wow ..I am glad I came here ..this one is a treat ..sort of Night Shyamlan stuff.. I can learn a lot from your work ..thanks for sharing ..

  9. Miss M Reply

    Came over to tell you that I’ve linked you up on my latest post.
    And also answered your question that WHY the blog title. 🙂

  10. anshima Reply

    reminded me of the sixth sense too..
    but yeah..its written well..and its mushy too at times 🙂

  11. Vipul Reply

    nicely narrated and the story keeps the reader to hold his nerves for something interesting to come next

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  13. Hitesh R Reply

    hey prats
    one question, i have read 5 posts about prayas
    i dint understand d order of events
    pls can u narrate me in brief

    of what i hav understood
    prayas meets poorva
    then he meets divya
    then he meets vikrant
    and then he dies of poisoned tea
    then there is ghost story in which prayas will die on getting d tattoo
    pls tell me
    m really confused

    • Prats Reply

      @Hitesh: Hi Hitesh, Welcome to Ginger & Cardamom. Actually the 5 posts you are referring to are all short stories. All of them independent of each other. I choose Prayas and Poorva as the names of my characters.

  14. aahang Reply

    Hi Prateek,
    Well written though I didn’t really get the Goose Bumps.have you read any of the ghost stories from Satyajit Ray ? If you read 2-3 of them it’s difficult to sleep alone in the night.
    Keep Walking !

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