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I am someone,
I am the lost page from the chronicles of Time,
I am the lost note of the music divine,
I am the lost aroma which is fleeting smell,
I am the lost piece which the Jigsaw puzzle compels,
I am the lost word which completed the book of truth,
I am the lost map for the fountain of youth,
I am the lost droplet in raindrops and dew,
I am the lost breath fighting for survival,
I am the lost civilization hoping revivals,
I am the lost king amidst the battle,
I am the lost spectator in this babble,
I am the lost soul searching eternity,
I am the lost link of the human fraternity,
In short I am someone who is totally LOST!!!!!

About Me: A consultant by profession, engineer and MBA by education, an avid reader and writer by passion, a leader by aspirations, and a trouble since origination. My parents say that I am a sign of trouble, they recollect there was no sun rise for one week since the day I was born, my friends say I am a disaster personified, my wife says I am one hell of a lazy ass. I think this summed it all.

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11 comments on “About Me”

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  2. Dobi Reply

    It appears , the internet has become the ‘ eldorado’ for the ‘lost’ people. I am a ‘lost’ one too, n I have taken 2 net, n doing well now(at-last, at the age of 47).

    If the ‘ net’ was not there, i just don’t know , what i would have been doing , may b working in a hotel.

  3. himanshu pathak Reply

    you are a perfect blend of hindi and english… you symbolize the ‘Aadhunik Bhaarat’ India which is ready ti conquer the world 🙂

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