Alarming Optimists

“The setting of the clock every night is one of the most optimistic acts possible by a person.” I don’t remember where I read this quote and when. The thought behind the quote somehow refuses to leave me and every night as I set my alarm for the next morning I smile thinking about it. Not because how I will switch off the alarm and slide into slumber again but for the fact that how granted at times we take our lives. Setting up alarm for next day when I have no surety that when I will sleep tonight I would wake up next morning but I still set up the alarm for the next morning. Leave alarms I also set up reminders for credit cards, electricity, and telephone bill payments each month.

It is amusing that I have taken the life I am living everyday for granted. Some days like today when I think about more important yet ignored things in life. I feel thankful for the life I am living, a wife who beats the crap out of loves me, parents who are there to bless & guide me, friends and family to enjoy life with them and work which pays me barely enough to show up in office on Monday to give me a sense of purpose in life. I am grateful for things I have to look forward to tomorrow morning and in the week, months and years to come.

I am glad that I need to put up an alarm early in morning when I hate to wake up, but for now I am grateful that I have to put that alarm and it does disturbs my sleep. It feels good to be an optimist, specially in the recent times where there have been a lot of negativity around. And for all those like me who are bothered by all the negative news and energy around in the news papers these days a though to ponder.

“Who is the person who should be most worried about the drastic fall in the value or Rupee against the US Dollar?

Manmohan Singh? No

P. Chidambram? No

Sonia Gandhi? No

It would be Barrack Obama as IT outsourcing to India is effin’ whole lot cheaper now. “

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  1. Ramesh Reply

    For somebody young, this is an amazingly philosophical post Prats. So very true – we take time for granted, but it really is the most precious asset we have, for it is finite and perhaps, predetermined. Shouldn’t we make the best use of it, instead of squandering it away in fairly inconsequential acts and worries.

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