An Ode to IPL Season 3

An Ode to IPL Season 3

An Ode to IPL Season 3

Once in the land called India in recent time,
Elite fun was limited to one part tequila and two parts lime,
A man decided to rise through richness, glamour and fame,
All through means which can be called just a stupid game.
Getting sick and tired of the reality in MTV Roadies,
An idea struck in mind of our dear Lalit Kumar Modi,
He formed a cricketing league called I-Pee-Yell,
From players to stadium chairs everything to sell.
Truckloads of money pouring in without a sigh,
Everybody wanted the darn piece of the pie,
Season one and two saw all the glamour and the rise,
Shooting up all the fame, money and the price.
β€œMere five percents for my girlfriend, that too for free,
And mentoring to me, everything so honky dory and glee”
This song brought the murk into the moor,
All orchestrated by Shashi Tharoor.
The affairs of the external affairs’ minister got out too far,
Left no mentoring for him or any equity for his push-car,
The issue was settled with Tharoor getting an axe,
While Modi got the raids from the Income-Tax.
Betting, fixing, and black money, they pulled plugs,
With involvement of everyone including Tycoons & thugs,
So our dear Lalit Modi had a great fall,
Finally BCCI pushed him to a wall.
He too got the suspension, irritatingly bore the axe,
Realizing his spat with Tharoor was the biggest faux pas,
The season of inquiry and raids for the government to put up a face,
Arranging black money for IPL Season 4, as people forget this phase.
The tournament ended, the roar of scandals would subside,
Both Tharoor & Modi will get certificates of conduct so Bonafide,
End of a season where parties lasted from dusk till dawn,
As a viewer I am just happy that the F**King MRF Blimp is gone.

31 comments on “An Ode to IPL Season 3”

  1. Phoenixritu Reply

    Awww cmon! I love the tamasha. Modi and Tharoor added spice to the newspapers. My hangover is not gone as yet. Am reading “The Gamechangers” by the fake IPL Player

  2. The HR Store Reply

    Good one! πŸ™‚ Yep, the MRF blimp is finally gone!

    Another edition of IPL’s done & dusted,
    Modi & Tharoor have both gotten ousted!

  3. Indian Homemaker Reply

    Nice post but I am so confused
    We are so used to seeing committees and Boards
    We are used to politicians who would refuse
    To resign or regret – even in the face of flinging shoes
    Then why did a government – out of the blue,
    Take such a moral stand? Why did it such a reaction choose?
    In a government’s goodness I have little faith
    Too much goodness has proven fake till date.
    Media hated Tharoor’s bypassing them and choosing to tweet,
    No statements, no quotes, made him a minister not so sweet.
    Did the government fear Tharoor’s bad name?
    Or were they jealous of Tharoor’s twitter fame?

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    • Prashant Reply

      hey do you have some auto linking of comments? i put a link on my website and it appears in comments on your blog!

      • Prats Reply

        @Prashant: Yes I have a trackback enabled on my blog tracing the incoming links and creating pingbacks

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