An Open Letter to Times of India

Dear Times of India,

You have been a part of my daily routine since times I don’t even remembered. Though I developed an appreciation for The Hindu, & The Economic Times, but still my loyalty towards you was unaffected. I have kept you a part of my life, a part of my house despite the falling standards of Journalism. I tolerated you despite when you advertised Fiat Punto & some really crappy movies on the entire page and the paper had more pages of advertisements than news content. I endured it all believing that one day you would rise up to the need of Journalism and news, one day the time of India would be what I expect it to be, and far lesser of nonsense.

But today has been heights, is it that the headlines are drafted on blackberry’s while taking a daily dump or have you gone to a level where you believe why would people read headlines when there are so many advertisements. Why would people bother about crimes committed by a high profile IPS officer when your add-ons have preposterous bikini shots of women and glamour and glitz of the page3 parties.

Yes I am talking about this headline “Law Finally Catches Up With Rathore”. It’s terrifying to read that you find the miniscule 18 months sentence as catching up. When the entire nation is worried about the morality of an ex DGP and the systematic crimes he committed on a girl and then went on to torture her entire family and you condoning the judgment communicating the justice have been delivered.

I can understand that these days there are more important issues which need to be reported and bring in notice of public. I mean obviously the exhilarating piece of information that Amitabh Bachan uses a public toilet was revealing. Had it not been for this particular piece of news the nation would have assumed that the Bachan household was still using the open air toilets by the side of railway tracks.

I mean you have so much of time and energy to keep track of when the bollywood answers the nature’s call but don’t have a capable staff which could at least capture the essence of news on the front page. I think it’s now time to move on, severing my ties with you. I think I have had enough WTF news of the day for now.

A worried reader

17 comments on “An Open Letter to Times of India”

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  2. Nu Reply

    I agree..TOI has been my weakness…but somehow off late I have lost interest in put the feelings in right words !

    • Prats Reply

      @Nu: I believe a lot of readers feel too….The paper is just pursuing commercial interest keeping the journalism aside.

  3. Shilpa Reply

    TOI just looks glamorous to me… and ads seem to be everywhere…. 🙁 with little or no news….

  4. Swaram Reply

    Sigh! I wish I wish they do correct themselves soon. They r just capitalizing on ppl who hv been glued to their columns for yrs and are too attached to give them up!
    I hope they hear what readers hv to say and bring in the changes!

    • Prats Reply

      @Neha: I guess it is the feeling of almost every reader looking in for good quality of journalism.

  5. Shilpi Reply

    Good job Prateek…Thankfully some body raised a voice against shitty news flashing here and there 🙂

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