Another Chance

Author: Ahmed Faiyaz
Publisher: Grey Oak
Price: 195/-

Soon after his first book Love Life and All the Jazz, Ahmed has come up with his second book Another Chance. Coming from the same author within a span of a year two books is an achievement but more than that Another Chance is a reflection of the maturity in writing which has been gained by the author since his first book. Where Love, Life and All that Jazz was a perky story about four youngsters; Another Chance is a matured tale of a conflicts in a life of a beautiful women and the complications in her life due to the choices she made in her life.

Another Chance is dark but touching tale of a woman, Ruheen, who by the standards of the society has everything desirable; looks that could kill, couple of guys ready to die or kill for her, good amount of money. The book is a reflection of a choices made by the protagonist Ruheen and the turns her life takes amidst two passionate lovers, a psycho husband and a lot more. The book is a tale of modern love and the conflicts associated with it. The book is a step forward from the era of boy goes to college or work meets a girl and falls in love. The book progresses to high-light the conflicts faced by the modern day love stories; conflicts like troubled marriages and relationships after divorce, miscarriages, break-ups, and work-life balance issues.

The book though is an intriguing story which is hard to put down and scores better when the treatment is considered, although the characters are very strong and extreme which might not hit the chord with the readers. Especially the more conventional or orthodox might find the situations and the plot too over the board. However, the story is a modernistic and urbane tale a portion of it a lot of the generation today might be able to relate it.

Summary: Overall a nice book, fast paced a bit dark but still catchy and gripping.  It would be a nice and catchy book to pick while on travel.

Rating: 3/5

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  1. Nu Reply

    Have heard about this one from Smita too and now that you’ve also recommended..seems like I’ll pick it up.. 🙂

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