Answers: Hindu Mythology Quiz

The answers to the Hindu mythology quiz are here.

Firstly the common link is all the photographs are a depiction of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu commonly known as Dasavatar. The photographs are taken in restaurant called Kadambam on Bangalore-Mysore road. Its a Tamil food joint (the owner told me Iyer or Iyengar I forgot though 🙁 ) they have these lovely wood carved statues of all the avatars on their restaurant walls.

The names of Avatars in the order are-
1 – Shri Ram
2 – Parshuram
3 – Kalki
4 – Vamana
5 – Krishna
6 – Narsimha
7 – Varaha
8 – Kurma


I got 14 entries answering this quiz and only one of them was completely correct.
1- Gagrin
However the following entries were almost correct as they mixed up the Kalki, Parusrama avatar with Balrama. If you would notice the second image what the tool in the had of lord is an axe (Parsurama) not a plough (Balrama). These were the people who were very close to the answer.
1- Swaram
2- Aarti
3- Fagun
4- Ratzzz
5- Aruna

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  2. Swaram Reply

    He he I ws wondering where Kalki went missing 😛 Did nt see his horse no 😉 😉

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