As Funny As It Gets

So as you would have read here already, that one fine day Alexander the great felt like conquering the world and he set on a long journey of conquest. When the ambitious desires haunted yours truly he took on a bigger conquest and got engaged. Now you don’t believe me that my conquest is bigger. Who are we kidding people Alexander’s ended in 13 years,  that’s lesser than ruling time of communists in West Bengal.

So getting back to my own conquest, I was bragging about my own self having a meaningful discussion with WhyFee and we happen to touch the area of sense of humor. Needless to say, I started harping my own trumpet (Ironically, you can be harping a harp but can you trump a trumpet) and you wonderful people know how I have a distinguished sense of humor.

Impressing a lady with sense of Humor, I immediately quoted the effective episode from the sitcom Friends where Chandler tells Monika all the Tulsa & Oklahoma jokes. Especially the one where they combine two words to make a new word (For more information you will need to watch the Friends episode “The One With Male Nanny”)

So Chandler tells combining the word jokes –

“Fried Chicken would be Frikkin’” and “Male Nanny would be Many”

So after quoting them I started my own ones-

Sada Masala Dosa = Samosa

Sick Duck = Suck

Pretty Chick = Prick

So you get the idea the kind of awesome jokes I was telling, when the WhyFee came back with the “Why The Hell I am Marrying this Weirdo Guy”® look on her face, “You really didn’t think that was funny eh right?”

“Oh it is darling, indeed it is you have to imagine. Think of it me and you standing in a room with proper lights and focus on our face and 50 people laughing in the background….” I said trying to salvage my prestige or whatever was left of it. When she came back with this

“You need 50 people with fake laughs in the background to be funny. Yes that’s exactly funny…”

Sheesh!!!! People please tell me the jokes were funny? Weren’t they?

Ps. On a totally unrelated note, Economic Times said that the US is out of recession marking a growth of 3.5% My authorized secret sources tell me the primary reason behind this is all the people in government have stopped doing anything and thus stopped messing interfering with economy, getting inspired from Barrack Obama, hoping that they just might be next contender for “Nobel Peace Prize for Doing Nothing” (My authorized sources have also confirmed that the Nobel Prize Committee has agreed to amend the name of the coveted prize). I sincerely hope the Indian government follows suit.

20 comments on “As Funny As It Gets”

  1. ruSh.Me Reply

    Pretty Chick = Prick was the lowest point in your entire post… You would have lost the entire female fan following of yours, regardless of you engagement.. 😀

    • Prats Reply

      @Hitchy Bhai: How can you not like friends…. You are the first person I am meeting in life who doesn’t like Friends. Really Surprised….

      • saurabh hirani Reply

        To backup hitchwriter’s thoughts, in the words of Chuck Palahniuk (the guy who wrote the book Fight Club) – (tongue in cheek of course) – “People who don’t have friends, sit at home and watch friends.”

        And on a different note, Congratulations on winning IB’s contest. You really hit the home run garnering 35 votes.

        • Prats Reply

          @Saurabh: Well quoted. But honestly Friends was a great series and I really loved it. Thanks a lot for the wishes.

  2. Poonam Reply

    That reminded me of old days of Dekh Bhai Dekh and Jaban Sambhal Ke when they would play recorded chorus laughs to show this was a joke. 😛

    And maybe that explanation was a Freudian reflex. Check on your jokes, will ya lest you incur HER wrath? 😛

    P.S: Are you still doing that Friends Post?

    • Prats Reply

      @Poonam: I don’t remember Jaban Sambhal Ke but I do remember Dekh Bhai Dekh it is one of my favorite shows on Indian Television.
      Sorry but what is Freudian Reflex???

      Friends Post… I found the poster so I am not sure if I should do it now. Will see…

  3. tanvi Reply

    HAHA…hilarious I am glad ur whyfee has a sense of humour and u finally found someone who can give it back to u in ur own coin… 😛

    Good luck

    • Prats Reply

      @Tanvi: Yes, I am glad too… But somehow the coins have been skewed lately with my Humor getting back to me 🙂

  4. niveditha Reply

    Good one!
    The chandler thing is awesome! Especially the sada masala dosa! 😛 😛

    And I like the look of your blog! 🙂

  5. Sri Reply

    Sada Masala Dosa = Samosa

    Sick Duck = Suck

    Pretty Chick = Prick


    My bloggerisnt updating so I missed out so much! 😛
    This is hilarious u should show this comment to ur whyfee 🙂

  6. Smita Reply

    lol!!! This was a good fun read!!!

    I dunno whether Samosa & Suck would qualify for good SOH or not but this post surely does 😀

    ROFL at the P.S. Info 😀

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