Authorized to Authorize

I started checking my google reader as soon as I opened my laptop, generally the rest of the routine goes like this, there would be WTF sort of news item sitting right there on my one of the news feed and I would tweet about it. Couple of RTs and if I am lucky one of the biggies of twitter would reply back and the day starts at a perfect note. Something was wrong today, I opened my reader skim read through the various news feeds out of the 632 unread news items there wasn’t a single WTF news. I was wondering since morning what has the world come to, would my day be ruined in this fashion. Is our political class have gone so bankrupt that they cannot produce one WTF statement a day? What has happened to Mulayam, Mayavati, and mani Shankar Aiyer’s of the Indian Politics, how can they be so silent over the fall of the Indian politics?

However, the relief came only towards the afternoon and from our honorable Prime Minister himself. Finally, yours truly got the WTF line to tweet about. So finally the Cash For Votes Scam which has shot to limelight after the Wikileaks published the cable and mentioned Capt. Satish Sharma and Nachiket Kapur showed US embassy officials chests of cash for buying MPs. And as usual there was a lot of protest and chaos over the entire thing. Though we should not forget the people who were protesting were the same people who were offered the cash and they didn’t think it was appropriate to protest unless Wikileaks brought the whole thing in open. Sorry I digress, coming back to our Honorable PM shri MMSji has issued a statement whose crux in a single line would be “I did not authorize anyone to purchase votes” for uninitiated you may read the complete news article here.

Now coming back to the statement of our beloved PM, Sir we understand the inflated ego and I am “the” Prime Minister of India bit. But then one shouldn’t press the luck too far, I mean everyone in the country can swear you didn’t authorize it. That’s like the most obvious statement on the face of the earth. What reflects in your statement are two obvious facts, one that the purchasing of votes happened. Now, we all know that we saw the bundles in the parliament being shown across the world on television and to add credibility to it is wikileaks. Now coming back to the second obvious part of your statement, You didn’t authorize this purchase of votes. Now my dear sir since when did you ever had the power to authorize anything in this country. I mean I am the PM bit, we all know is a good joke till the Rahul Baba becomes old enough. To start with you weren’t authorized to authorize as mildly putting it. Given your statements in the past that you are not responsible for the CWG and 2G obviously you didn’t authorize those either. I mean I can totally see you telling Raja “Go boy fly your wings across the spectrum” and to Kalmadi was told “Go boy for CWG which is Congress Wealth Generation.”

So coming back to your statement, I would seriously like to know, “Who authorize you to give such a BS statement.” Come on Sir, better advices are readily available at 10 Janpath, that too pre-authorized. Make hay while sun shines J


11 comments on “Authorized to Authorize”

  1. Goofy Mumma Reply

    He is turning out to be fodder for cartoon strips now, something like the ‘beloved’ Dubyaman! Sheesh, shameful, but I am happy its out in the open. And yes I am really really support of Asange. If they do it without a hint of shame, why bother with cover ups now. Go Wikileaks go!

    • Prats Reply

      @Goofy Mumma: I think he called for it when he agreed to be the proxy prime minister for Sonia Gandhi

  2. Vipul Reply

    A classic satire on MMS again from your side. Love the way you take things on MMS. Super Like 🙂

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