Birthday Blues

I recently celebrated observed my birthday two days ago. Somehow I didn’t feel the enthusiasm as I used to over years, this lack of enthusiasm might have been because of multiple reasons. I actually thought about it and realized that birthdays are a lot more fun when you are a kid, there are loads of presents, party, and people, and did I mention loads of presents?
Somehow when you grow up the enthusiasm for the Birthday fades off. Presents generally loose value as you tend to buy almost everything you desire, except for the secret carnal desires of owning a Rolls Royce Phantom. I know it feels like air pumped into the chest, but let’s not kid ourselves, no we are not getting a Rolls Royce Phantom on our birthday. Not unless we are dating someone from the Ambani clan, but then If I had been dating someone there then firstly I won’t be writing this blogpost and secondly they would have lost their riches by now. So we can all be sure the above possibility ain’t gonna happen.
Left is Party and the people, generally party only leaves a big hole in your pocket. Until now you never bothered it was always dad who paid for the party and the big cake but now as soon as you pay for the party the mobile phone rings with an SMS alert Rs. XXXXX have been debited from your ICICI Bank account for Restaurant Name and you account balance is Rs. XXX. The XXX indicate the quantum as compared to figures. Now the people when you have had a life spread across half a dozen city and friends spread across more than a dozen, generally birthday are left for the wishes at midnight on phone. Which are again frowned upon as the Romantix Taalks on the late night calls with Wifeee /Girlfriend /Fiancée /Girlfriend in Pursuit being interrupted.
More or less I think beyond an age the enthusiasm for the birthday diminishes over time and came up with the below chart. I have a strong feeling that l recently entered in the quadrant two this year. Do you think the chart applies to you too?

Birthday Enthu

Birthday Enthu

28 comments on “Birthday Blues”

  1. Jil Jil Ramamani Reply

    No really, I think I missed the part where you mention you are a museum antique piece pending carbon dating.

    Go do something on your birthday. Every birthday, make it a point to do something new – something you have always wanted to do but put off for some reason or other. Tick one item off your imaginary bucket list. For all you know, you might not live to see another birthday.

    Grrr…boy does it piss me off to see people appreciate life so little.

    • Prats Reply

      @Jil Jil Ramani: Agreed but why on birthday, I try and enjoy everyday of my life. The problem here is when you do that making the birthday special makes it a lot more difficult and actually makes it dependent on others.

  2. Reema Reply

    awwww!! I was hoping for a cheerful birthday post! I still enjoy getting wishes and presents 😀

  3. Monika Reply

    LOL that was a good post… i am still laughing at that graph :):) though I still enjoy my birthday but I know what u mean

  4. hitchwriter Reply

    I can sorta understand what ur saying here… but I m mighty excited about my birhtday… although now I dont show that exhuberance to people… but inside me I m like jumping miles in joy !!!

    The one thing that is constant is I want Pizza on my birthday !!!! no matter what… !!!! 😛 😛

  5. DesiNinja Reply

    birthdays were always painful for me. literally. in my residential school it was a custom to beat the birthday boy black-n-blue in the name of birthday bash. since then i have always enjoyed more on others birthdays than my own. 😛

    • Prats Reply

      @Desi Ninja: Absolutely true, same applies for engg colleges too… had been beaten a lot there. Totally relate to what you mean.

  6. Srivats Reply

    LOL this post has put a smile on my face amogst all mundane things 🙂 Thanks a lot for that. I agree I too share the second quadrant,but still it feels happy to be around that time , when people gang on to wish me , thats a nice feelings.

    almost forgot .. oh man what a writing!

    And hey belated birthday wishes! Wishing you fulfilling career, unconditional love , good health , peace of mind and everyting nice.

    • Prats Reply

      @Sri: Thanks a lot sir. “but still it feels happy to be around that time , when people gang on to wish me , thats a nice feelings.” me too

  7. Deepti Reply

    baat sahi kahi hai…but i agree with few ppl above, especially Jil Jil… ko apne aap pe chod do to its majorly boring only….bday are days to be happy for no reason…to celebrate…:))…tere next bday pe blore me masti karenge..if we all are here till then….:)

  8. Smita Reply

    Belated birthday wishes 🙂 so u r another fellow capri 🙂 *same pinch*

    My birthday went in a similar manner this year!!! Guess it is all growing up which makes it just another day 🙂 though I don’t give it much thought 😉

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