Book Review: Love Life & All That Jazz

Author: Ahmed Faiyaz
Publisher: Sanbun Publishers
Price: 150/-

Love Life & All That Jazz (LLATJ) is another book by the new age Indian writers, and to join this club this time is Ahmed Faiyaz. LLATJ is a book which focuses on life of a group of friends and their transition from college kids to professional. Based in the landscape of Mumbai, Ahmed has picked up a tale which a lot of people would relate to of their college days, their close group of friends. It’s a story of strong friendships surviving and flourishing despite the turmoil in life.

The book starts the set-up with Tanveer, Sameer, Vicky, Tania, Naina and Tanaz as characters set up in the crossover from college to professional life. Ahmed has distinctively chosen all characters from a different religious, economical, social and professional backgrounds which actually makes the story of all six different and yet closely intertwined.

The book moves around as these characters progress in life as they move on in life to pursue their professional goals and in search for love, their personal equations with each other and their group dynamic goes for a toss. The plot is bound together on the solid foundation of trust and friendship between Sameer, Tanveer and Vicky.

The book is an easy and fast paced read, the story moves at speed where the reader remains interested as the plot keeps shifting between the lives of all the characters. Though Ahmed has not emphasized on the backdrops and landscapes much but one thing which he has managed surely well is despite his story is written as Tanveer being the central character, he has managed to maintain equal focus and interest in the other characters. The reader is engaged with all the characters and associates with the group of friends instead of a single character, which I believe is the winning point of this book.

Over all this is a simple breezy bollywood style story which ends on a positive note of happy ending or all is well. Characters find their calling in life, both professional and personal, ensures that reader leaves the book on a good and a happy note. This is a first book by Ahmed and seems promising compared to a lot of other new age Indian writers coming off the block. The book doesn’t try and accomplish some great literary feat but leaves you with a gooey warm feeling leaving you remembering your old friends and groups, might even tempt you to make a call to an old friend and relive those old days.

Summary- A nice breezy read which one can finish quickly, while enjoying the portrayal of the fabric of friendship and relationships in the modern Indian context.

Rating- 3.25 / 5

13 comments on “Book Review: Love Life & All That Jazz”

  1. chatterbox Reply

    That was a wonderful review without letting out much about the real plot πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work Prateek πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  2. Vidz Reply

    I read the book and it just seemed kind of ok to me…but the thing i couldnt digest about the book was that it was full of grammatical errors, here and there…i really pity the proof readers and the author himself. On the whole, i would never bother reading a second book by the same author (thumbs down)

    • Prats Reply

      @Vidz: I also felt the same thing, but then I actually checked the 2nd edition on his request where the errors were corrected. Hence thought it would be unfair to the author and the book to be penalized for the mistakes which they have already corrected.

  3. Ahmed Reply

    Vidz – I happened to visit the blog & noticed your comment. Thanks for picking up my debut novel and I appreciate your support for young Indian writers. I gather from your comments that you’ve read the 1st edition. I acknowledge the few errors (some glaring ones that crept in at the point of typesetting in Delhi and that were ignored by the Publisher) and attribute it to the fact that in this busines there exist some small publishers who are in it to make a fast buck and not for the love of books or reading in the first place. My journey has been quite a rough ride & a difficult experience at best. Post the 1st edition, we have heavily re-edited the book and released the 2nd edition this month with a new cover and a fresh edit. I’ve taken over the publishing rights and I’m investing in reprints myself, even though they are under the same Publisher’s name for other reasons.
    The 2nd edition is out in bookstores and online now. Thanks again, have a nice day.

    • sumanth Reply

      Ahmed- I have just completed with your new and edited version of book. The cover page is catchy and the story got imprinted on me and my life. Hope to see a lot from you in future.

  4. Paritosh Uttam Reply

    Love, life & all that jazz… is an insightful narration of the way relationships work in urban and young India. The author skilfully weaves in the different choices and conflicts one faces–love, career, family, religion, among others–in the bid to be successful in one’s life and relationships. The characters in the novel have a surprising variety and depth to them, that make reading it a meaningful and pleasant experience.

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