Camera Woes

Last week a mail from a fellow blogger who also reads my blog made me realize that I haven’t written anything which doesn’t involve books since September. My first reaction was absolute denial but then a look at the archives and this was true. And then I thought I need to write something else, despite having reviews already written for Another Chance, The Confession and there are some other books I have read in past few days which I could review but then I had no intention of converting Ginger & Cardamom into a book blog. So I am back to regular blogging; the book reviews would obviously continue but so would non book posts.

So coming back to where I have been and what I have been doing these days. Well as you people already know that I was the latest addition to the people bitten by the photography bug which has now resulted in me buying a DSLR camera. I have let go off my sweet little Sony Cybershot which would slide in my pocket and would pass off anywhere as a mobile phone to this ogre sized Canon which is around 10 inches long (and I am talking about the camera perverts) 5 inches wide. For the uninitiated this how my new camera looks like after fitting the lens and everything.

Image Source: Google Images

So one of the days I carried my camera to the office hoping that I would click some pictures with my team mates and will be able to flaunt my new camera with my team mates. And as with any over excited amateur photographer I was looking out for subjects to shoot. Not that there was any dearth of Human subjects all around me but as it happened my heart skipped a beat for a lonely flower and I felt the sudden urge to take a picture of the lonely flower. I rushed to fetch my camera without giving a second thought and that second thought obviously would have been “It’s not a great idea to take a picture of the flower kept in the washroom”.

So as it would have happened I banged the door making a grand entrance in the rest room with a large camera in my hand. Have you ever tried bursting into a office/public restroom with one giant ass camera in your hands; Don’t it’s not a good idea. All the eyes which are generally riveted to the urinal were prying me as if I was a tyrant to molest them of their dignity. I got out in the lobby area where the doors to both the Male & Female restroom open. Determined to take the photograph as soon as the rest room is empty and I find myself facing with some of the girls coming out after easing themselves (or whatever you call it) with the camera in hand. I believe since that day I often hear giggles from females when I pass by, and sometimes a hush or a whisper which sounds like “He is the pervert who clicks the females just out of the loo”. Sometimes life is damn unfair 🙁

10 comments on “Camera Woes”

  1. Monika Reply

    LOL…..u know precise reason I am trying to convince myself to make do with my canon point and shoot… I can carry in my handbag anywhere without those looks 😛

    • Prats Reply

      @Monika: Yes carrying and using SLR is a pain but then results are very tempting 🙂 I still miss my Sony Cybershot; we could effortlessly carried it every where and even if we didn’t clicked the pictures we didn’t feel bad and we didn’t invited those looks either.

    • Prats Reply

      @Bikram: Yes but some how after seeing such brilliant pics by people on twitter and FB I have gotten tempted to learn photography 🙂

  2. Aarti Reply

    Am in the process of buying a DSLR.. but for now, i love my Sony point and shoot..carry it arounde everywhere :))

    • Prats Reply

      @Aarti: Very true… The point and shoots are way easier to handle but then the results from a DSLR simply make up for all the hassle 🙂

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