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Terra Incognita

It has been a month now since the news has been out and I have been told that I will be spending some next few years, months and days of my life with a reputed IT Company. Since then, something has changed. A lot of thoughts are flowing around in the empty space above my neck casually referred to as head. It’s going to be a new place, new people, new environment, new expectation everything new. All that’s going to be old is may be a quarter of century antique me. There are so many questions propping all over, that the world seems to be hazed out. It was so easy few days back, when all I wanted to do was to reach where I am. But now over a month, the world is unclear, which I thought was my goal is just an intermittent destination and I don’t know where I will be going henceforth. Till here the journey was so far so good the terrain was familiar, and the feet were held strong. But what about the land ahead, is it a swamp which will swallow me completely with nothing left of my antiquity, or will there be a strong wind that will blow me away. Will the sunshine in the east, will the moon still shine or the seasons would stop. It is like passing through a gate where you do not know what lies ahead, but you also know that once you enter there are no comebacks.

I have always been surprised by the ability of life to bring new and still new surprises for me. Sometimes pleasant while other times not so pleasant. There are a lot of questions which are standing straight in front of me. The only answer to them is to live them with the time. The only way I have ever won from being surprised by the life was giving her back surprises in a bigger and better way. All I can feel from my gut, there is going to be a competition between me and life and its going to be array of surprises and an era of unpredictability for the next few years. All I can say to life is let the best between two win……. Adieu till the next post.

A Rendezvous in Waiting

It’s been long wait, after the truth behind the teasers was revealed. Sometimes little lines change many things. A poster put on the walls of the institute, made me realized that one of my dreams would be true. I would be one of the lucky people who would get a chance to see and listen to one of most admired personalities by me, Mr. Arun Shourie. Meeting a person of his mettle would be a lifetime experience, one of the most radical thought leaders in the current political and social arena., would be right in front of me in my very own institute. Wouldn’t that be fun!!!!
After reading two of his books out of twenty I can say that he is one of the most revolutionary people in the Indian politics, someone who has the guts to stand against the system, say things which are often subdued for the political interest. A person who can give the right perspective about India, a person who can quote excerpts from ‘Vedas’ as comfortably as he can from ‘Quran’ or ‘The Holy Bible’ a true secularist at heart. Someone who has the guts to publish a book on the most sensitive issue of the day like reservations and can state his views so openly as

Falling Over Backwards: An essay against Reservations and against Judicial populism by Arun Shourie
How is it that what was explicitly forbidden by the constitution – classification based on caste – has become the rule? How is it that what were enabling provisions have become mandatory minima? Where does the figure 50 per cent come from? How is it that in practice it is exceeded blatantly? Are the benefits not being hogged by a few, the better-off amont these castes? Has the “creamy layer” been actually hived off? How is it that what were begun as reservations at entry became reservations in promotions also? How did this become a right to accelerated promotions? How did that become a right “accelerated promotions with consequential senority”? How did that become a right to have the prescribed standards diluted – to the point of being waived althgether? Even in educational institutions. Is this any way to become a “knowledge super-power”? As thee has been no caste-wise enumeration and tabulation since the 1931 Census, where does this mythical figure – “OBC’s are 52 per cent of the population” come from? And what did the 1931 Census itself say about its caste-wise figures? How have the Courts come to acquiesce in such wholesale perversion of the Constitution? Is their role to cheer such perversion on? Or is it to conserve, to protect the Constitution?
* T he above is an excerpt of the book which is freely available on the internet

It as been a long wait for me, but tomorrow is the day when I will have a chance to be face to face with Mr. Arun Shourie, a men of guts and rational. Knowing a person who has an entry by his name in the Wikipedia (Click here to view). All this in our very own SIBM, being done by a student body of the college, That’s what we call student driven…Kudos CIT!!!! An idea which will last a lifetime.

Chennai…Yennala Unna Maraka Mudiyala

The two months have come to an end, My summer internship over will be leaving Chennai tomorrow. It has been once in a life time experience. I never thought that I will be able to like the place. Two months back when I got down on the station and suddenly I felt where the hell i have come all crowde around me people shouting running around, I stood still just trying to figure what is happening, trying to guess on which platform I am. It seemed that these two months would never pass. The time flew by as I could have never guessed, lots of ups and downs, but in this period it has left me with an amazing experience. Great friends, nice place to work, Walks down to the spencer plaza, Spending hours in Landmark going thorugh the books, Regular coffee at Java green (Though my friends here in Tata Indi call it corporate espionage, everytime I go out to have a coffe sip in the Reliance outlet) all my days have been remarkable experience. I dont know that I would ever come back but one thing is for sure I will Never forget Chennai- Yennala Unna Maraka Mudiyala. Some of my memories…

My Office on Anand Mount Road, Chennai
Marketing division Tata Indicom, My battle ground…

My Cubicle, I worked from here 🙂

My friends inside the office….
With my friends on our Chay ki tapri…

That was an experience…for Now it is TATA TATA INDICOM, TATA CHENNAI


It’s not always you feel something like this, a new experience, six people first time an unexplored city and one whole night. It’s not always you have days like this in your life. Destiny is something which changes almost everythig. Sometimes an impulse change your outlook. There is so much unpredictable about life. Somethings you never expect and they happen, and other times you don’t even think about a thing and they change all the equations of your life. As Richard Bach has said life is nothing but the choices you make, every choice you make changes your life by a great extent. Sitting on a small corner amidst smoke of burning cigarettes a voice cracks an idea and whole life changes for all the listeners and the speakers. The people who wouldn’t have known each other more than their names, would know each other to an extent that they would never forget each other and the night. “Lets have some fun” a line as simple like that can have so much change in the lives of people is really unimaginable. Life is strange and it really is…The clock was ticking to Celine Deon’s tunes singing a new day but the fun for the people had not yet begin, the joy of speed was coming over them and the some lives were about to change. The half crescent moon shining the way for them being their better half for the journey on the day of life. The silence of the night was constantly being challenged by the roaring of the engines, and the flowing adrenaline. The first halt was rather unexpected when the one of the roaring spirits needed some more spirit to fuel the journey ahead.
One thing which I generally like about the stones in my way is that when I cross them they become my milestones. The first milestone was formed over the barriers of silence over some hot steaming brew, and the darkness about other ceding over the temptation of exploring life. The aroma of the place went across the minds and thoughts of the people, laughing heart out over a spilled coffee. The life takes jinx when the old meets the new and the next stop arised unimaginable. The little riding experience over the dead man’s lane, the first time of the pushes with the heels, the slow and noisy turning of the wheels of fortune, making new friends. The little laugh and scolding for the missing blinking lights, everything to be known and exploring still more to know. Sometimes standing beside the closed gate can be the key to wide open gates of heart. The chemistry amidst started in the cafe and was running express with the darkness being fought by little twinkling lights and the sudden flash like lightning making the memories for the lifetime. The smoke flowing over and above burning coal and the sweet smell of the peach fruit made the whole area an enlightened stage to host stories of life. With some stories being hosted the other stories were made. The presence of each other was never lively before ever and every minute was a new choice wrting the new chapters in life. The still in the spirits were not tolerable to the destiny when the ride back to discover the new arenas was falling into place. The little games of life are amazing, the all different piece were being fitted all into the place. The little mouths speaking the truth and the lies, whatever the mouth did spoke but the luck was in for a Bingo. Strange questions of life are never understood but some times the stranger answers for thequestions are. The night had everything in store for them conmfort, fun, frolic, a small party and an experience of a life time. The night which felt like an unending past through in all this frenzy ended so quickly that all the twist and turns in the life were felt like they flew past by. The night had ended and the rays of dawn were lighting the whole world. There was a moment when everyone turning back to different worlds in their hearts and minds knowing for sure the night would come back……….. The fun would start again and cross over to set new milestones. Strangers were now friends. Adieu!!!!!!

The Cleaning Day

Sometimes the most weird of the work can be a fun. The idea of cleaning the whole college by the MBA students on the first instance sounded like crazy. We had been hearing a lot about cleaning of the college, which is a tradition, before the Campus Placement start the juniors volunteer to wash clean the whole college. The day is referred as the cleaning day or rather cleaning night. The night started on 10th of December where we turned up in large numbers to clean the college. The things in the night started when me, Reena, Sumeet and Mayur were having dinner and making plans for sipping up coffee at Barista, when Shlokie called and said we were about to begin and he wanted us for support. We dropped the idea of the coffee and went back to the college. The college and all the classes where we get bored everyday by idiotic lectures presentation were all open and empty, free to face the stampede of the rocking spirits of SIBM. All the floors were plugged in with different music and the fiesta started. The floors were divided the fun was about to begin. The IT team got the lab with some more volunteers. The things started rocking when Karthik banged inside the ladies LOO ( for cleaning ofcourse) and till now he is still wondering what the shelves are for?????? We started cleaning the lab and having fun where we had a colin fight where we sprayed colin all over the hairs of people, though I still wonder that whether the colin is effective or not despite me n sumeet sprayed a lot of colin on Reena’s hair she is still blonde (Refer- All Blondes are dumb or all dumbs are blonde Then as the cleaning spree went ahead we started having water fights and the I also had broom-fight with Reena. We overtook JK Rowling (with due regards to her) when we changed the concept of quidditch on broomsticks to Mops (courtsey Prasun & Vaidi). Then final bite from stuffs at Barista. There were a lot of things which could be understood by the following photographs.

The Barista Bite

Guess What REENs trying to play perfect Marrige Material

Naina Joins the League but dear having the broomstick doesn’t mean that you will assault the photographer

After the Final Touch

Peace at last, dont worry floor is broomed MOP and ABOVE ALL I AM TIRED

Well more fun of this in the Next Post, till the Adieu!!!

Two Days@ SIBM

A brand new day, though another manic Monday but also the start of another brand new semester, with brand new class (for me at least), and brand new classmates. You must be wondering why I am using the word brand so much, that’s because we have been divided into three section according to our specialization so was trying to put some marketing in the daily life ;). The first day was good with our slooow stats professor, but the luck was on our side and we had an action packed class with pigeons flying around, driving some of our batchmates for an out-class run. The day was unusually short with two lectures after the lunch being cancelled and I had a nice time relaxing and catching up with friends and the stories about their holidays. The things are coming back to normal why??? I got to configure wi-fi on one of the laptops….but mind you WI-FI IS WORKING. I know I am a bit sentimental about it can’t help it have spent lot of cribbing about this faulty!!!! I mean flaunty (that’s what we do in all of presentations and website write ups- flaunt our wi-fi) little system.
The second day was even better, imagine a situation where you are on the operation table and a doctor stands with a huge knife in his hands and tells you that you can’t be provided with anesthesia as it’s not available in the hospital and since hospital has already taken the operation fee so you are going to have an operation right now without an anesthesia and you can shove all your pain wherever you want to… It was a similar situation when our prof for management control system entered our class and told us that he finds the idea of us doing the subject funny as we haven’t done the pre-requisite subject before. To add more to the taste he tells us that we will complete the pre-requisite all by ourselves as the mcs thing is already in our syllabus. Quite a genuine reasons… god help us. So SIBM is rocking back and tomorrow the whole of our marketing class is waiting with their fingers crossed for Wednesday morning 10:30 a.m. for the macroeconomics class by Nikhil’s (for those who don’t know him visit favourite and loving Harinita Ma’am. Adieu!!!

The Journey to Find Myself: Engg College to B-School

It was few months back when I sat on the terrace of Panchvati (for those who don’t know it was my hostel in engg college) and was tellling my juniors that it’s so good to see the stars and the open sky. Since then life has been such a roller coaster ride, IMI vs. SIBM the tough decision, then such an uncooperative faculty in the college who think that students are the people with most free time. You know they feel that we are the bugs who can be crushed because they hold some thing which are called our internal marks in the hand. They don’t realise that we students are human being and due to their inefficiencies we are the people who suffer most. Anyways the crux of the matter is that my joining in the SIBM was delayed due to my faculty back at my engineering college. So I had this great I mean late start but finally I am here. With first semester over I am now a would be manager, the guy who would sit in those plush offices in those armanis and versaches, driving luxury sedans, sitting in the big board meetings. This is what most people assume MBA is all about including me some years back. Well all my high flying dreams meet the reality. All the things seem more like our real world. Now that one semester is over everyone back at my place wants to know what I have learned in these four months. The answer to this question is one word called FAF, the art of speaking or writing when you nothing about what you are talking about. Well I will talk about this art in some of my next post and how I have learnt it? How I am planning to master it? All these answers coming soon till then, Adieu!