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Ranbaxy Saga What Happens to the Indian Consumers

The newspapers these days are absolutely filled with negative, depressing followed by more negative and more depressing news. There have been scams, controversies all across India, but there has been one controversy which has been subdued in India, where the focus is currently on the IPL spot fixing, and Phaneesh Murthy controversy. The controversy which I am more worried about is the fact that Ranbaxy pleaded guilty to seven federal criminal counts of selling adulterated drugs that didn’t meet specifications. The US courts have fined Ranbaxy to the tune of $500 Million for duping the American consumers with the adulterated drugs.
I have always felt the healthcare business is one which runs on faith and the people in this business are no lesser than gods when it comes to patients. Imagine you are suffering from a fever, ache or any other ailment and you visit a doctor who looks at your symptoms and prescribes you some small tablets. These tablets work as magic inside your body and in a few days you find yourself cured. When a company which makes these drugs indulges in action like these you tend to question that faith. Personally speaking whenever I play squash or go for a run and there is an ache I use Volini spray which is a product of Ranbaxy and now I question if the product is authentic, does it really works on my ache or is it my body itself recovering? I don’t even know how many times doctor would have prescribed me a Ranbaxy medicine and I am not sure if it worked.
My heart goes out to people who had critical diseases, who lost out people because the medicines they trusted on were adulterated and the company sold them in the market faking specification. The fact that they were are penalized in US for the malpractices; I have my doubts if anything will happen to them in India. The people in our country who suffered by their lack of ethical practices will never get justice or even understand what has been done to them. At times when all the media is talking about other controversies I am wondering is there an enquiry happening on what Ranbaxy has been selling in India. Are there steps being taken so that until things are cleared people don’t use adulterated and drugs made not up to specifications?

It is high time government and the Indian judicial system takes up the task of delivering justice to the common man against corporate greed and unethical practices.

You can read more about the controversy and the case here.

Happier today: 10 Things You Should Stop Doing Right Now

First of all I must put the disclaimer message that this post is not an original creation. It was a forwarded message by a dear friend D, I do not have details of its origin to give appropriate credits. I have been thinking to start writing on this space regularly soon and somehow it doesn’t happen. I have been planning on the post and the idea behind the post was there somewhere inside my subconscious, and when I happened to read this mail I was like this is exactly what I had in my mind. The mail was perfect in reflecting the thoughts of my subconscious mind. So without wasting further time and reinventing the wheel I will share something which I have been feeling a lot lately.

Happiness (Image: Google Images)

1.Wait for a better time. There is never a good time to do anything especially if that’s something you have been putting off for a while. There is never a good time to start exercising or learning a new language… You make the time for these things if they are important to you – make them important enough for the good time to be now.

2.Hate people. It’s such a negative emotion and it really doesn’t lead anywhere. In most cases, hating someone directly affects you and you alone, making your mood and your day that much worse. By talking behind someone’s back and spreading negative energy you’ll just push people you actually care about away. Let go of it and make room for good and positive things.

3.Constantly look back. What has happened in the past is now in the past – you have learned, hopefully, from your mistakes and it’s time to move on. Until you can let go of the past you cannot live in the present, plan for the future and grow as a person. After all, your life from before doesn’t define who you are today, your present actions do.

4.Think about people who make no difference in your life. Whether they are people from your past or your present if they don’t affect you directly why waste your precious time on them? This also applies to spreading and listening to rumors, reading celebrity columns and checking people’s statuses online. You only have one lifetime why should you give people you don’t really care about any of it?

5.Whine about life, the Universe and everything. Yes, there are days that it’s just impossible to smile and take things as they come but what does whining achieve, exactly? What is the point of complaining about the weather, politics or prices – what would that change? Unless you have a clear plan on what to do and how to make things better why spread the misery and the negative vibes? If you see a problem – do something, do anything! The light doesn’t work in your block of flats – fix it or find someone who will. Things that are not under your control and you cannot in any way influence them – learn to live with them and accept them as they are.

6.Play social games. No one really cares about your clothes or your level of intelligence, not really. It’s way better to just be authentic and show people who you really are, with all your flaws and true character rather than waste energy on superficial interactions – they don’t lead to anything but superficial relationships. Be yourself and be real, let others love you and accept you the way you are. Genuine relationships will make you happier, and you’ll only form these relationships once you stop trying to impress everyone you meet and start being yourself.

7.Spend money on things you don’t need. We often mistake the “I want” for “I need” when buying stuff just because it seems cool to own it. Things don’t make you happy for very long – the moment you get it you experience joy but shortly after that joy is gone and the newly acquired item joins the rest in your house. Think very carefully whether you absolutely in need of something or you just want to own it.  Invest in experiences instead – experiences that will stay with you in your memory for the rest of your life.

8.Compare yourself to others. Very often we look around and we see people who are doing a lot better than we are and we don’t really notice those who are doing a lot worse. At times we look around and all we can see is everyone else having it easier and having it better and we feel bad about our own life. The fact is, it’s not easy for anyone and everyone has their own problems. What you see on the outside is what others let you see, always. Someone else is looking at you and thinking just about the same thing: “you are the lucky one” and they have their own reasons to say that. By thinking that having someone else’s life or someone else’s problems will make you happier than you make yourself in the now you rob yourself of the chance to take joy in what you have for yourself already. We can be happy with very little and immensely unhappy with having it all – sometimes, it’s just a matter of perspective.

9.Take no chances. Sometimes we wait for a sure thing to come along for us to follow and then, when it never comes, we wonder why nothing wonderful and exciting ever happens to us. It’s true not just in regard of opportunities but also people. Sometimes people also need to be given a chance to prove you wrong. We often overthink, overanalyze and create possible scenarios in our head – then come up with the most negative outcome, and end up never trying anything at the end of the day. If you are truly afraid of something going wrong, ask yourself: “What is the worst thing that can happen?” and if you can live with that worst case scenario – maybe you should give it a try.

10.Set no goals. If we set no goals how do we expect to get anywhere at all? Life has the tendency to decide for us and take us down routes we never thought we would ever consider for ourselves – don’t let it dictate it all, reclaim some of the control back and influence your future. If you have a plan, a good or a bad one, at least you have one and you can guide yourself to a better tomorrow, want a better tomorrow at any rate. We often give up and just let events take over, but reacting all the time is not the same as acting of your own free will. Take control back, set targets and get a strategy for life because just living the same Groundhog day over and over again just isn’t living. Life only has a meaning when you give it one.


So with this post I am back and hopefully if you are still reading this space you will get to hear more of my rants. Till then Adios and Disfrute de la vida.

Revenge Of The Naked Princess

Author: Oswald Pereira

Publisher: Lead Start/Jucific Books         

Price: 125/-

Pages: 224

The review of this book has been pending since a month. The reason it was so delayed that I was not sure what to write about such a book.

Revenge of the Naked Princess

What do you do when a book manages to generate extremely strong emotions of hate in you; not for the book but for events portrayed in the story? The book deals with a gory tale of conversion by the Christian missionaries in the tribal lands of Maharashtra.

The story is setup in the 15th century where the a joint palatoon representing the King of Portugal to spread the Christ’s message of Love. The story starts when a brigadier in the Portuguese army along with a fresh convert attacks the palace of the princess Darshana Kamya Kathodi who rules the local tribe. The first half of the book deals with the inhumane methods and atrocities inflicted on the princess and the innocent tribal population. The first half of the story is a heart wrenching and sad tale of betrayal by her trusted people and brutality of the Portuguese soldiers to obtain maximum conversions. The first half of the book leaves you horrified and disgusted reminding of the acts of forceful conversions and the roles of the Brigadier, Priest and the local contact in the act.


The second half of the book takes the story further when the princess extracts a revenge form the three atrocious people. Set in a backdrop of historical landscape the pace of the story is well maintained without losing the interest of the reader. The author successfully manages to evoke emotions of hatred against the entire façade of the forceful conversions through brilliant storytelling and characterization. The characterization is the best aspect of the book where the reader is consistently sympathetic towards the princess and hatred towards the antagonists. The tale is very well told except for the point where it becomes evident that the author is trying hard to justify the supernatural aspects of the story.

Overall a nice book to read; generates a lump in your throat. The story is left dangling towards the end where as a reader you still feel the need for the closure, where the revenge doesn’t satisfy the crime. It will be disappointing if there isn’t a sequel to the book from the author to it to bring the closure to the princess’ revenge and the readers’ story.

Summary: A great and emotional read. Pick this one up for sure if you are interested in historical fiction.

 Rating:  7/10


The Karachi Deception

Author: Shatrujeet Nath

Publisher: Grey Oak/Westland

Price: 225/-

Pages: 251

The Karachi Deception the debut novel from the author and apart from the author introduction on the first page the book nowhere reflects as a debutant work. Very well written and thoroughly researched, the book reflects the amount of work the author has put in to finish this as a product.

The plot is based on the modern day terrorism and espionage when the Indian Military & Indian intelligence who undertake a mission to eliminate one of the most wanted terrorist and underworld don Irshaad Dilawar who is under the asylum of Pakistan. Three commandos from a secret army unit are expected to accomplish the mission. The story gets complicated when they find their plans and movements are already known to their adversaries, and they realized that their mission Project Abhimanu has been compromised. The mission they were determined to complete now appears to suicidal. The story progresses when the commandos from the army learn the harsh truth about the world of intelligence and how they were just small pawns in the large scheme of things.

The pace of the book is fast keeping the reader engaged and engrossed with the storyline. The characters though superficially portrayed work well due to the action element and suspense which has been handled extremely well. The writer has worked the plots on hyperbole of action while still convincing the reader of the plausibility. The climax could have been more fitting in comparison to the overall tone of the book but overall the suspense and intrigue were well maintained and addressed by the author.

I always wondered while reading the espionage novels from Sidney Sheldon, Lord Jeffery Archer, John Grisham etc. when we will have an Indian novel matching them in the plot and storytelling and I feel that The Karachi Deception is almost there.

Summary: A great fast read book with lot of suspense, action and intrigue in the espionage plot. A must read if you like the mystery, suspense, action, thriller genres

Rating:  8.5/10

How I Got Robbed in Broad Daylight

You know how bad things always happen to somebody else but never to you. When you narrate or hear the tales that somebody got conned, mugged or robbed it is always a friend of a friend or somebody who knew somebody are people but in a surprising turn of events it happened to me.

I was coming back home from the office in Whitefield to my home in JP Nagar, I took my usual route on Outer Ring Road passing through Marathalli, Belandur, HSR, Silk board and BTM layout. Silk Board for the non Bangalore Silk Board is one of the busiest crossings in Bangalore it connects the two IT hubs of Whitefield & Electronic city with two entrances to the city south and central Bangalore. On a Normal day during peak hours one has to wait for at least 25 minutes to half an hour to cross the junction. The time was around 6’o clock, and mine was the third or fourth car from the signal. I checked the mails on my cell phone and kept it on the non-driving front seat (I don’t do it generally but somehow I did it). A road side peddler who sell fake Rayban sunglasses  cam next to my car and kept on showing the glasses next to my window despite my waving him off.

Then after a minute when the red light just changed to green there was a guy who came  next to the non driving seat window and starting banging the glass pretty hard. I opened my window slightly to check what’s wrong.  At that moment someone started banging the rear side of my car, as if some other vehicle a bike or a car has come and hit from behind. I got distracted for a couple of seconds when I looked into my rearview mirror and back to the guy on the window. By that time all of them were gone and so was my brand new cell phone which I had got this morning. I immediately parked the car to the right and went to the police & traffic police who were standing on the signal.

They didn’t do anything except advising me to go to the police station and lending me their phone to check my phone (which was switched off by now). I finally went to the police station lodged a complaint, 24 hrs there hasn’t been any major development. I am not very optimistic about getting the cell phone back neither was the officer who registered my complaint.

So it was me this time, not somebody I knew who faced the incident. On hindsight I am pretty sure, though I don’t have any conclusive proof, that the location and the fact my phone was on the non-driving seat was tipped by the guy selling fake Raybans. The entire incident was a result of solid team work by professionals.

The cell phone I lost was a brand new Google Nexus 4, which my friend had sent from US. I had only collected it on morning and just had it for 6 hours or so, and the phone is not available in India so I can buy another one.

The idea behind sharing the incident that happened with me is so that I can warn others how the gangs are targeting people. Few precautions I could have taken in hindsight-

1-      Never keep expensive stuff, phones, laptop bags, wallets  in the non driving seat

2-      Be more cautious when the hawkers come near your car check if something is kept on the seats or dashboard

3-      No matter do not open the windows or the doors of the car for a stranger

4-      Always drive with the doors locked

5-      Never leave Ladies Bag/Laptop Bag/expensive items in the car when you are going out. Store things in the boot or under the seat where it is not visible.

Writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP)- Do’s & Don’ts

The discussion started when one of my colleagues got an interview call from IIM Bangalore for their prestigious two year full time PGP program and he asked me to help him with his SOP. Since I have been exposed with both sides of the table attending and conducting interviews; the idea floated that I should put some tips or pointers for people writing SOP.

1- Purpose– It is not called the Statement of Purpose for nothing. Decide on a theme which you think is most relevant and in line with the objectives you want to convey to the panel reading your SOP. The purpose should eventually relate to the type of course or job you are going to pursue. This theme is something which should be common and reflect in all your answers, attitude and the statement of purpose. It is always advisable to introspect deeply and find the reason why you’re applying to a course or appearing for a particular exam/job. The answer obtained out of such introspection would form a great theme for binding the entire SOP together.

2- Background, Education and Work Experience– Your family, the environment and places you grew up can be a part of the SOP; but ensure the context such that subtly the backgrounds relate to the underlying theme of the SOP while indicating its contribution towards the person you are and the choices you are making today. Illustrate your education and work experience in a fashion that it looks like a series of events occurring by your choice all with a rationale of underlying theme. Elaborate on some specific aspects of your education or work which will be of value in the course you are trying to pursue.  Don’t mention this for the sake of it, especially if it doesn’t fit the theme they belong in your resume not in the SOP.

3- Future Plans– Delve deeper into the courses, subjects (if you haven’t researched, do it first) how they form the part of your long term and short term goal. This is the most important section of your SOP try to bring as much of facts on the paper and relate them with the theme and purpose. Any panel loves a candidate who knows what he is doing and why.

4- Hobbies-The SOP should include the extra-curricular interests and how they have developed you as a person. Relate these interests or hobbies very subtly if you can with the theme of the SOP.

5- Story– All the SOP in the end should form a small story of your life(past, present and most importantly future) subtly indicating that why the course you are pursuing or the job you are applying to is the most logical step in the story of your life.

6- 3Cs – Always remain Consistent, Clear and Concise while writing SOPs. Never contradict yourself in an SOP it is always a recipe for disaster. Avoid ambiguity of any kind, in a stress interview an ambiguous line might hijack your entire interview in a direction you never envisaged. Be concise, as a candidate you write one SOP and would like to showcase all your achievement.

Things not to do in an SOP-

1- Never use Slangs/SMS Lingo Phrases.

2- Use Quotations to glorify the SOP. It is not only weird to see quotes instead of candidates original words in an SOP but at times there have been instances when the interview  went towards the author of the quote and his other works as he was the favorite author of a member in the panel.

3- Use very flowery vocabulary- If the panel wanted to test your vocabulary they would have done it in the entrance test; think of the plight of the person who has to read 50 SOPs in a day and he has to refer to the dictionary to understand what the candidate is trying to say.

4- No Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

5- Avoid abbreviations- Apart from the common and well known abbreviations avoid the rest in your SOP. When in doubt prefer the complete word/phrase over the abbreviation


Is there anything else you feel should be taken care while writing the SOPs?

Disclaimer: SOPs are a very personal and intense document to write and prepare. The above Do’s  & Don’ts are based on the author’s personal experience. The readers are advised to use their judgment and belief while writing the SOP.

Ebooks: Books to Binary

I had told Smita and Shilpa two of my great blog buddies that I would do a post on e-readers because I was seriously convinced that I would buy one. Now that I have got a tablet for myself with primary objective of switching my reading digitally; I feel that I am ready to do a post as I have experienced the digital reading first hand.

It was a very tough decision to let go the habit of buying the physical books and switch to digital formats. As a matter of fact I remember in one of the posts I had written that I would never like to switch to digital reading but then people change over time. As any change you bring about there are both positive and negative aspects of switching your reading digital. To provide an objective perspective I will enlist the advantages and disadvantages of reading the books digitally.


1-      Space: The space crunch especially for people living in the apartments is a perennial problem. Just to highlight the economic impact, ideally a physical book takes around 0.25 SQFT of space and the rentals in Bangalore around Rs. 15/SQFT/month, keeping a book for a month costs Rs. 3.75. For a person like me who has a collection close to 500 books presently, I am paying close to 2000 bucks for keeping the books. This was the major motivation for me to make the switch, after exhausting almost all the space I had in my home for books I didn’t have place to keep the new ones.

2-      Convenience: A tablet or a reader can hold multiple books at the same time so you can carry all of them with ease while travelling. You save yourself from the task of selecting what books to carry when you are on the move; also it reduces the baggage weight which is of paramount importance in flights. There have been times that I actually had to discard books on the airport because airlines were expecting me to pay Rs 300/Kg for the excess baggage.

3-       Privacy: A lot of times while reading you would not want the world to know what you are reading. Online reading ensures that anybody passing by doesn’t know what you are reading. I got a lot of weird stares from people in general when I was reading 50 Shades of Grey, so digital reading might save me some unwanted attention.

4-      Maintenance: Keeping the books and shelves clean when you have so many books is a herculean tasks which is not required for the tablets. Also disposing books is also not an issue you can simply archive and retrieve when you want to read again.

5-      Multiple Devices: I have multiple devices like a smart phone, tablet and a laptop whatever I am reading is available and synced on all the devices. So no matter where I am I would have my reading material. There have been times when I have gone for a meeting and had to wait for the other person. I wasn’t carrying my tablet but I continued my reading on the phone and once I reach home I can continue the book from where I left on my phone.

6-      Reference & Sharing: You can easily bookmark pages, refer to dictionaries and share lines/quotes directly with just few clicks which make the reading a more fulfilling experience. In physical books to do all this you have to ear mark books, sit with a dictionary and a computer which is cumbersome.


1-      Look & Feel: It takes a bit of time and effort to get adjusted to reading on the digital formats. For me the Sepia mode on the tablet worked very well. However, if you still feel that you don’t like the backlit displays try Kindle Paperwhite (in India it is available for Demo in Croma) which is closest to the real paper.

2-      Handling: The tablets and e-readers are electronic devices and their handling has to be more delicate compared to books.

3-      Lending: I am not sure if this is a advantage or a disadvantage  but being digital you cannot share or lend your books J

4-      Lack of Books: This is a problem when it comes to Indian Authors, not all titles are available online. Sometimes the Indian books are ridiculously priced too, for example Sidin’s latest book “Who Let The Dork Out” was initially priced at 10.58$ while the physical on flipkart is Rs. 121. Though later the prices were rationalized at 2$ but this kind of discrepancies exist.

5-      Charging: The digital format requires charging of the devices at regular interval. Though there are some Kindle devices which last for a month with a single charge but overall most devices need constant charging. The devices I have used are fine if you charge them once in couple of days and I haven’t been left stranded without charge till now, so I guess it is not a deal breaker.

So this is my take on the E-readers and tablets for reading. For people interested I am using Amazon Kindle App on Nexus 7 for my reading.

Buying or Selling A Second Hand Car

I sold of my car recently and this was the first experience for selling a second hand car. Instead of the selling the car to one of the second hand car dealers like True Value and First Choice I wanted to sell it to an individual buyer. The advantage of selling to an individual buyer is that you get a higher price for your vehicle while the flipside is you don’t know the person, and there is a need for you to be extra cautious. This is a post which would provide to be of help to both the buyers especially on the documentation required for the transfer of the car.

The seller & buyer needs to sign the following forms for initiating the transfer of vehicle-

Form 29- Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

Form 30-Application for Intimation and Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

In case the vehicle is under hypothecation then you need following additional documents signed by the seller-

Form 28- Application and Grant of No Objection Certificate

No Objection Certificate- From the Bank which has hypothecated the vehicle

In addition to the above documents the following documents are required-

1- Original Registration Certificate of the Car

2- Copy of the Insurance Cover Note/Policy

3- Pollution Certificate

4- Identity proof of the seller

5- Identity proof of the buyer

6- Address proof of the buyer

In addition to the above documents it is always beneficial to get into a contractual agreement (on a stamp paper) which outlines the deal between the buyer and seller. A very important use of this document is it also ascertains the liability of any unwanted accident or incident specially if the car has not been transferred or the buyer is delaying the transferring of the car. I am attaching such an affidavit which can be used for outlining the contract on Twenty Rupees Stamp Paper which I used. You can access the document here. Like any other contractual agreement this would require two witnesses and it would be better if each buyer and seller have their own witness along with identity proof (but such a situation seldom happens). Also make sure you keep a copy on record for each of the documents above for your reference in case any unfortunate situation arises.

Happy Driving!!!

Disclaimer: This post is based on my understanding of the process and my experience on selling my car. I am not liable in case of any incorrect information above and also might not be updating the same based on changes in the RTO policy. Please visit the RTO office where your car is registered for an up to date procedure and contact lawyer for an accurate contract.

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Fifty Shades of Grey: A Review, A Rant and A Drinking Game

I have been reviewing books since a long time and I have a personal policy that I do not bash books and the authors. I believe that a book is a creative work and acknowledge the amount of effort the author has put to bring it to the readers. But then there are some books which command an exception and this includes some amount of rant, with otherwise an honest book review.

Author: E L James 
Publisher: Arrow Books 
Price: 399/-
Pages: 514

Fifty Shades of Grey is a book which is based on the life of a wealthy billionaire and a girl fleshly freshly completing the college. The story revolves around how the two accidently meet up and get attracted to each other. Anastasia, the female protagonists a normal girl in twenties gets awed as she becomes the target of the billionaires attraction and eventually finds herself falling in love with him. The story takes a twisted turn when she realizes that the person she loves is not a normal guy but a kinky sex maniac whose idea of relationship with her is superbly weird. The relationship governed with no disclosure agreements and a contractual obligation of what can sexually be done as a part of their relationship.

The book has a slow plot line but the writer manages capture the minds of the reader with either the clichéd romantic antics of a billionaire brat or the erotic descriptions of the lead pair. The fact that makes this book unique and probably intriguing is the way sexuality and sex are extensively used for the characterization of both the leads of the story.

Overall the book is average writing spiced up with sex. The story pace is slow and continues in two more books which are more difficult to read when the novelty of extensive use of sex in the story wears off. The book might be a good one for people who just want a spicy and breezy read without too much of literature and content.

Summary: An average book with lot of sexual spice, pick it up only if you have nothing better to do.

Rating:  5.5/10

Now I will come back to the ranting. I mean what is wrong with the world for such a lousy piece to make it to a best seller beating so many great books. After reading, it seems like the collective taste in literature across the world have gone down a few notches. There are glaring inconsistencies in the characterizations a girl who is indefinitely pricky about receiving expensive gifts from her boyfriend but in the entire 513 pages there are hardly any instances where she hasn’t wore her roommates’ dress. The best way of reading this book is to play a drinking game with it.

You have to take shot of your drink when any of the following words/phrases appear in the book-

1-      Fuck You Hard

2-      Audi

3-      Epitome of Male Beauty

4-      Mention of “The Contract”

5-      Playroom

6-      Kate’s Dress

7-      Dominant/Submissive

8-      You must eat

So by the time you will be finished with 100 pages you would be drunk enough to be unaffected by the book.

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Author: Martin Nowak, Roger Highfield
Publisher: Canongate
Price: 450/-
Pages: 288

The SuperCooperators is a book written by Martin Nowak who is the Professor of Biology and of Mathematics at Harvard University and Director of Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. The book is about his journey of research on what factors were responsible for the evolution of our species to a state/level we are right now. The book starts with an interesting premise of prisoner’s dilemma and dwells into the implications of same on our evolution, our development, and our behaviors.

The concept of cooperation in the backdrop of the evolutionary theory of “Survival of the fittest” not only raises a lot of interesting questions and arguments which would make one ponder but also gives valid arguments and justifications of the alternatives which are easily conceivable even by a layman. The book enters into a realm of how we evolved from chemicals to evolutionary single cell organisms. A question which almost everyone who has some exposure to the evolution always wondered.

The book will engross you in a fascinating journey of evolution, tickles your thought buds to question yourself on your existence. A book that makes you think about our behavior and why we do, what we do. The pace of the book is slow as the author gets into a lot of details on his theory and quoting and interpreting the research done by other scientists for the understanding of a layman reader. Overall the book leaves you spell bound thinking on the journey of our and many other species from a single cell organism. The book might be boring for people who lack interest in scientific (esp. biological and mathematical) aspects of our evolution and behavior.

Summary: A very interesting read for the non-fiction readers. Do pick up if you like the science genre.

Rating: 9/10