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I have decided to change the about me section of my Blog. I was quiet a bored of the present one which has been there since the inception of this blog. It was actually relevant till I was doing my post graduation but then more out of laziness I just added one line to make it relate to my current phase of life. However Now that I have decided that I will be making this as my personal blog, I decided to remove the professional me out of here. So here goes what used to be About me in my Blog-
A lone son, an argumentative Indian, A loyal freind, an ardent admirer, a dreamer, a believer, and an egoist. Went through the process of being an nasty engineer, and a cynical MBA. Now a k(NO)w-it-all IT Consultant

To replace this I came up with this-

I am someone,
I am the lost page from the chronicles of Time,
I am the lost note of the music divine,
I am the lost aroma which is fleeting smell,
I am the lost piece which the Jigsaw puzzle compels,
I am the lost word which completed the book of truth,
I am the lost map for the fountain of youth,
I am the lost droplet in raindrops & dew,
I am the lost breath fighting for survival,
I am the lost civilization hoping revivals,
I am the lost king amidst the battle,
I am the lost spectator in this babble,
I am the lost soul searching eternity,
I am the lost link of the human fraternity,
I am someone.

But then I ended it on a very different note.

With or Without You

(Couldn’t think of anything else for the title)

The world has stopped, life is dull and slow,
The humans still, the trees silent as seeds were never sowed.
The roads lying speechless all along,
The skylarks are numb without a song

yesterday as beautiful as it could have been,
For me the words and the world she seemed.
My life had all the reasons it had to be,
Every time I opened my eyes, in front was she.

Some little facts my heart refuses to explain,
Her glittery eyes and shiny hair how they released my pain.
What a bliss it was seemed like a boon,
But never understood why it had to end so soon.

The life is empty, loneliness surrounds,
All around is a vacuum, memories profound.
A surreal touch and a loving glance,
A long wait to life another chance.

All off a sudden the folklore of my life,
has lost all it’s stories.
Without her I am the sun,
Who has lost its glory.


I was the one who has been long in the city pent,
Life in days years and month it spent.
Over materials and matter there was a reef,
Vacant sometimes, emotions at others the heart plead.
Everyday fighting with my own attic to survive,
Usual days and the struggle to keep the spirits alive.
Pestering the soul with hopes to revive,
Reliving the past kindling the old delight,
Imagining the victory of self over thy might.
Yearning from past filling roars in shambles,
Another meek spectator ready to face world’s scramble.

A Passing Thought

Another of a passing thought which came in my mind, just leaving for anyone who would like to say anything about it…

Hum unko yaad to aye, yeh humari kismat hai,
Kisi aur main aap humein dekhen yeh humara asar hai ya uski kudrat hai

A Passing Thought

I had a passing thought, felt good about it so leaving for people to comment,

Mere dil ne khayalo main afsane bahut likhe hai,
Jinka tamannao main abhi baki namo nisha hai,
Mujhe pyaar karne ki sazaa na de, aie Vayaz,
Sazaa dene ke bahane aur bhi hai.

The Road Bend

On this cold morning, the chilly wind brushing apart,
The city is already awake, the sun is red conquering the dark,
On the lush green trees, the larks sing their songs,
Calling all the city, “Do come along”.
The empty roads, suddenly appreciate crowd,
The shouting engines roared down with proud.
Everyone is rushing thinking of rest & joy,
On the corner stood all alone, a little boy.
All alone in this mad world he decided to toil,
Felt his home beneath the sky and above the soil.
No one in this world he had, to reach out and go,
The mettle in him, he wanted to show.
But he ever knew what will be the endm
Never realized where in eternity he will land.
Strange mix of courage and lonliness his life was a blend,
His only companion in his journey was the Road Bend.

Just Another Day

Bright rays of light falling on the eyes,
A brand new day with hopes too high,
The first feet to start the day are out of the bed
My face and the sun showing spirits in Red.

The start of the day can not be better, I believe,
A good day ahead is all I can percieve,
The world today would be at my stride,
I will go on a seventh heaven ride.

During the day emotions change, with worldy brash,
Life is unfair, rude and harsh,
The little heart filled with hope slowly slumbers,
Life is long but the days are numbered.

The day is gone, The evening light is dim
Cleared away are all my morning fantacies and whim,
The realities of the world dawn on me,
Today a pawn I was Will King I ever be?

The sun is still there glowing red but my face is white,
Spent the day figuring out how to live it right,
One more day of life some memories amassed
Just Another Day has Passed, Just Another Day has Passed.