Centenial Blogger

A blog is like a baby which is very easy to have but difficult to grow. Ginger & Cardamom (G & C) completed 100 posts today. How well it has grown I am not sure, but yes it has given me a feeling of happiness which only a fellow blogger could understand.

May the insanity in the words never die.

5 comments on “Centenial Blogger”

  1. peter Reply

    okay i dun knw bout ur ginger and cardamom but um sure it feels gud when u complete ur 100 posts ..i dun knw when vil that happen wid me !

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,Congrats on your 100 posts. I happened to stumble upon your post on “Tandoor”, while I was searching for something. Well written. I also happen to be a foodie. I write at http://www.hyderabad.burrp.com. Have a look when you have the time.


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