Chilling At The Unwind Island

I have become one of the believers in the art of chilling, so when I got the invite for my first Fosters’ art of chilling parties in Bangalore, I was more than over joyed. My earlier experiences in Pune art of chilling parties only suggested one thing that I freeze my schedule for Sunday afternoon to make it to the Fosters’ party.

Though every Fosters party had been a different experience, this one was quite different from the others. While the last time we had an entire gang who were having awesome fun, but all that is history. I changed cities, left my fun loving gang which used to make the parties so much fun, I was really skeptical if I would be enjoying this party as much.

But this time I had Wifee along with me, made some new friends and enjoyed an awesome party. The fosters art of chilling this time too stood for what it means to me, an awesome time and an unforgettable evening.

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    • Prats Reply

      @Smita: he he he be as envious as you would like to be… I can send some more pics to your mail id…from the parties of the last time too 😛

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