Concluding NaBloPo Series (Post 32 Day 31)

31 days ago, I decided to take a step which seemed to be very challanging and thought would have minor impact on my life. This challenge was National Blog Posting Month where I was supposed to post 31 posts in 31 days. Given the fact that generally number of posts by me in 6 months also do not touch this number, it was a huge challenge. When Preeti told me about it, it seem to give me a you can’t do this look. And when I get this look from anything I am generally feel the rush of Adrenalin and I result in saying yes to the weirdest of challenges.

This time as it turned out, that it was less of a challenge and more of a fun. And what I thought will be a minor Impact on my life had a major one. I actually relaized why I really blog. How close and at home I am when I am with my blog. Though this was totally a wrong time to undertake such a thing, as the month of may has been one of the very crucial months in my professional life. This was my first deliverable as a project manager where I had a major bottomline of failure (yeah success as well), and as expected for the first 20 days of May, I actually had to slog to amount of 14-16 hrs a day at office to ensure my deliverables and miraculously I still did find time to write a post. Though I agree some of the posts were too lame, but then sometimes I really couldn’t help it because so many things on my mind.

Apart from everyone who reads my blog and comments there are three lovely ladies with whom I actually share the credit, of my successfully Completing NaBloPoMo-

Preeti– She is the One who started it all. If it would not been for her I would have been living in my comfort zone in a blissful oblivion with one or two posts in the month of may. So she is the one who started it.

Monika Actually I started interacting with her during this period, when we both of us were doing this challenge. I could so well relate to her and her posts that I actually look forward to read her posts and felt a peer motivation kind of phenomenon

Tanvi Udeshi– Now she is a gem of a person, poor girl actually tracked me on Blogs and twitter and kept on reminding me when I was heading towards missing the deadlines. If it hadn’t been to her constant tracking I would have missed posts for at least coupe of days on the account of work pressure or laziness.

At the end of the day, it was a good fun activity and yes I do paln to do it again. As a matter of fact I plan to go on a break till this Sunday and would be back to blogging by Next week. Another NaBloPoMo, well Its on the cards will think about it further for sure. Till then keep enjoying the Pics & Picks of Life.

5 comments on “Concluding NaBloPo Series (Post 32 Day 31)”

  1. Tanvi Reply

    Thank you for mentioning me. Makes me very happy.

    Besides, your posts made me eager to wait for ur next one. So my reminding you was a selfish motive.

  2. Monika Reply

    thanks prats for the mention

    i agree its the peer motivation that kept me going too

    reading u and ps and then i have to do it too

    its been great reading ur blog and i am glued for sure now

  3. Srivats Reply

    Great going bravo, hats off on completing the marathon!
    Your posts are very inspiring, fun and interesting.

    Keep them coming 🙂

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