Corporate Atyachar

Author: Abhay Nagranjan

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Price: 100/-

Corporate Atyachar is another book in the league of what I call been there done that books. The book spins a story around a fresh out of college graduate in the world of HNI (High Net-worth Individual) Banking and wealth management. Though the story of the book revolves around some clichΓ©d topics like horrifying weirdo clients, a disgusting boss, and the nuances of the wealth management industry; the essence of the book lies in the way the story has been told. The best part which makes the book different and more enjoyable is that Abhay has stayed clear off the usual romance angle in the book and has stuck to what he does the best, adding situational humor in the wealth management setup.

The protagonist is fresh out of college, with no certain direction or goal in lives. He finds his life in the job where he submerges himself to survive and extremely disgusting boss which he names as Human Ball Scratcher (HBS). The characterizations are fairly good bringing out the finer aspects of the industry and highlighting the idiosyncrasies of the high profile net-worth clients. The story of a dominating banker, a puppy loving yuppie, Thai massage loving old man all leave a very amusing note in your mind enjoying the situational humor.

The story is pretty fast paced and well written, however the event sequence is rather flat. The story begins with a moderate pace and maintains it through out the book. The ending of the book is not what we call as firmly terminal, the author has left it dangling in a subtle manner so that the scope is sequel cannot be ruled out. On the downside the editing effort on the book could have been a bit better; some grammatical and contextual mistakes could have been avoided.

Summary: A nice realistic tale of a guy who is caught in wealth management industry amidst horrible clients and a dreadful boss. A nice light read for entertainment and can be surely picked up for a nice time on 2-3 hour flight.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

8 comments on “Corporate Atyachar”

  1. pramod Reply

    Horrible Read. Nothing funny beyond the first chapter.
    Looked like I was reading someone’s personal diary. I really cannot figure out as to why this chap wrote this novel!@#$%

    Absolutely no characterization beyond the boss. No beginning and No end! Nothing to narrate beyond silly incidences. Some anecdotes border the impossible.

    Some of the jokes are frankly cheap and demeaning. Midway, this chap felt that the fun element was missing, so he started adding “fart” and “mucus from nose” to THRILL the reader!

    ALL in ALL… This book begins and ends in the first chapter. Read it while browsing for other books at the store!

  2. Atreya Reply

    Absolute wannabe author, grossly overdone similes and descriptions and as already stated, hardly any humour content beyond the first chapter. Repeated allusions to certain activities of the protagonist’s boss though intended to generate humour, leads irritation after a certain point and reveals the author’s immaturity.

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