Cross Posted

One of the achievement in any sphere of life is being acknowledged by someone you always looked up to. Those are the moments that actually make all the efforts you have been putting in worth it, inspire you to put in even more.

One of the person I look up to for writing poems is Tikuli and when she told me that she wants a post from my blog cross posted in her blog. I wasn’t sure if she was joking, but nevertheless I quickly gave her the post and froze my blog on status quo silently hoping she won’t change her mind about me. Thankfully she didn’t and finally here is my post she has cross posted on her blog here.

4 comments on “Cross Posted”

  1. tikulicious Reply

    Hi Prats It feels wonderful to visit our blog again .. It sure is an honor and you have one more fan ( my MOM) :). keep going friend ..Cheers!

    • Prats Reply

      @Tikuli: Thanks a lot. Convey my regards to your mom, I am so glad that she liked my posts. Really an honor for me.

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