DevD: Of Failed Love & Drunken Men

Some professions have since times immortal caught the fantasies of the kid. I am sure there would be many little boys who wanted to be a fighter pilot and little girls who wanted to be teachers at one point in their lives. Another such glorified profession was scientists, you always wanted to be a scientist when they taught you inventions and discoveries back in class 3rd. I also got the same bug when I was 8 years old studying in class 3rd. I also wanted to become a scientist and my ultimate purpose of living was to make a time machine. I dropped the Idea when I saw the thickness of the books which an uncle of mine read being scientists. After all I didn’t have any use for the time machine. And till date I regret the decision.

If I would have made a time machine, I could have traveled back in time and talked Sarat Chandra Chatarjee out of writing Devdas. I am sure I could have convinced him to write a futuristic lifestyle novel about 3 looser kind of guys who screw up their life in IIT to sneak out question papers. It would have been a win-win situation. Our beloved writer would have earned better amounts in royalties and a times in history for predicting accurately the lives of Engineering students and I would have saved myself and the human race from the 3 degrees of torture Devdas- Dilip Kumar, Devdas- Sharukh khan, and the last and the most excruciating DevD.

I always thought I am one of the people with quite an appetite and patience for movies. I can enjoy almost any kind of crappy movie, even the ones starring Rakhi Sawant, Fardeen Khan, or Harman Baweja. But the league of Devdas is something so painful that it just beats the brain into a pulp, I am sure if in Ghajini, the villain had forcibly shown Aamir Khan all the 2 Devdas and 1 DevD whatever was left of his 15 minutes of memory also would have faded away. Thank god for Aamir that DevD wan’t released then.

I mean why since so many years people are hell bent upon glorifying the biggest losers. Think of a guy who is a jerk of first order and insults the dignity of the “Pure Love” and dumps his childhood girlfriend (I don’t understand why Ram Sena doesn’t bans “DevD-asses” for propagating under age romance which also is dead against our so called culture; at least I will have one cause to support them). Then later he finds he was wrong, the girlfriend marries someone else and our loser turns to drinking. I mean what a lame story and there were people who made movies on this, that too thrice. The only change being Dilip Kumar & Unknown Liquor, Sharukh Khan & Whiskey, and Abhay Deol & Vodka.

Coming to DevD the most hilarious part is when actually Anurag Kashyap comes and tells on TV & radio that DevD is a different movie from Devdas, yeah Mr. Kashyap, it is indeed different it has unique blend of a prehistoric lame story and newspaper headlines of DPS, RK Puram MMS scandal and Sanjeev Nanada BMW scandal. What a thought, who did you hire to write a script a page 3 columnist. I also understand that DevD has a different ending, a positive one where the loser quits drinking and marries the s**t(well, I don’t like using the world but you used it in your movie too). Now let me make this clear, if you wanted to send a message across you could have made an ad film 30 sec long, okay make it 1 min long if you feel so much about the issue where you could have written in bold “DO NOT CONSUME LIQUOR, IT MIGHT RUIN YOUR LIFE” that would have sufficed. Our health minister would have arranged for the government financing of your film through tax payers money if you would have brought the topic to him over a round of drinks. Why the hell you needed to make a 3 hour long nonsense epic to torture us, to tell this. If you were thinking that you actually made a sexually stimulating DevD by your build up by showing the characters so desperate to have sex, trust me the c-grade porn movies have a better build-up than DevD. I mean who shows a bedding spread right across the green fields and a girl desperate to make out and a guy who is feeling cranky (Oh please, I was talking of Anurag Kashyap).

So guys anyone of you who has an access to the time machine for the sake of mankind please fly back to 1917 and beg Mr. Sarat Chandra Chatarjee not to write
about failed love and the Drunken Men.

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  1. Preeti Shenoy Reply

    Hey–I beg to differ.
    I haven’t seen the original Dilip Kumar one or the Shahrukh Khan one. But this Dev D I simply loved.
    It is very poignant. Tell me how many people in love are absolutely certain that this person is THE guy/girl for her?
    And as regards the MMS scandal that as portrayed so well–Very subtly done. Brilliant camerawork and great direction too, not to mention some superb pieces of Acting by all three.
    Its really not about drunken men and loser-lover or whatever you brand it. The issues are much deeper. I guess its an acquired taste 🙂 I know many who found the movie weird–but personally I simply LOVED it!

  2. Aditi Reply

    Again, I am the one who inspired ypu to watch it and still stand by it, it was a good entertainer and the recliners were superb!!

  3. Saurabh Naik Reply

    Am with you dude, dont worry about what the masses say, the movie was crappy.The patronizing reviews may have created a false sense of aura about this movie( reminiscent of what hitler’s henchmen managed to make the german population feel about the jews in the 1930’s) But with due passage of time hopefully history will confine it to the dustbin of bad movies where it truthfully belongs

  4. Nikhil Narayanan Reply

    Take it this way. Say it is not even remotely inspired ScC’s book.
    It was a great effort, I would say.The lyrics to the timing of the songs and a lot more
    Rangan’s Dev-D review
    Check the link, something even I would say.

    Dev-D review

    It is much better the the antics by the so called Badshahs of Bollywood. Dev D was realistic in every sense, may be neither my nor your story, but a sneak peek into some rich brat’s life.


    PS:Earlier comment had issues with html.Deleted

  5. Prats Reply

    @ Preeti: There are somethings I would agree with you. The acting was good by all three, MMS scandal was shown beautifully. Good cinematography & direction all said and done, there somthings where I disagree, I still think the sotry is too old and shown n number of times.
    Secondly the thing that you said how many people are so sure that this is the guy/girl for them, then again and how big idiots/losers they would be that they would let them go over someone maligning their reputation, Doubt and most important of all over a Bloated Ego. To me this is really really lame, and then to top of it you then go ahead ruin whatever is left of rest of ur life without that person. That is like a zillion times more lame.

    @Vinni: Watch it and tell. There are some poeple who loved the movie.

    @Aditi: Oh yes you do inspired me to watch this and Imraan Hashmi's Awarapan and Rajpal Yadav's Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama and Sunil Shetty, Tushar Kapoor Paresh Rawal's One Two Three and there are many more. So henceforth I rest my case.

    @Anonymous: I can totally sense your pain. Been there, done that 🙂 Hope the next weak releases are better.

    @Saurabh: Thanks man. And for the movie gets where it belongs Amen!!

    @Nik: Dude, For one why ignore the obvious, the movie is an SCC's interpretation. Secondly I hate these rich brats. but I can't help agreeing the DevD is well done and songs were really nice ones. The Patna ke Presleys seem to be living up to their name.

  6. Shubhadeep Reply

    I hate spelling mistakes in blogs. They make it so repelling. Sorry Prats, but I could read beyond the point ‘losers’ was spelt with a double o…

  7. Prats Reply

    @ Shubh: I am really sorry. But I am too lazy to edit and correct. Secondly since you pointed it out, i am sure understood what I meant to communicate 🙂 so my work is done. Will try and avoid spelling mistakes in future

    @ Bhavya: You know the way I have heard from people. World is divided in two halves, people who liked DevD and the people who did not. So Welcome to the later half

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