Guys Don't Cry

I was having a discussion with Reema, Rushme and Jay, The discussion started with men and pink shirt and eventually moved to a point where the center topic was it is cool for guys to cry. Actually R & R think that guys who cry are more sensitive and more understanding which makes them more marriageable, datable etc material. Well this where I disagree, my point is the crying guys are not sensitive, they are sissy. Essentially Reema gave me a long tweet distributed over 3 tweets where she gave me all the high Funda of Emotional Intelligence. I replied that I can’t explain it in such few words, so I would rather post a blog. So here are my 5 reasons why guys should not cry-
1- No Sudden Shock Cry- This is when something really shocking and sad happens making your heart feel sinking, like death of someone close or illness of someone who is important. Well these exactly are sad moments and the loss might be overwhelming, but the fact is in case of death or illness everyone around you would be losing control of their emotions. In this situation it is a responsibility of a guy to take care of the situation, move on with life and help others around you cope with the loss. Not just let yourself loose and keep your tears dripping and just the let the situation go from bad to worse.
2- No Happy Crying- This is when you are happy and your cry out of it. Let me ask you to imagine a situation for me, close your eyes (No how would you read then, let them be open). Do not close your eyes but just imagine, the golden stage of Gladrags Man Hunt, the final five contestants on stage, the host comes does an elaborate build up. Then he announces the winner, the 6’7” hulk perfectly shaped muscles, every ounce of pumped Iron showing comes on the stage to be the winner, the crown is placed and he puts his hands on his face below the eyes and starts “Boooo Hoooo I…. Boooo Hooo am so happy..ssss boo I have dreamt booo hooo….for so long sss for this day”. I mean you get the picture, I am not sure but I think you won’t find him sensitive people, as a matter of fact the Gladragz might take the title back from him.
3- No I got Hit Crying- Well I don’t have to explain this, you remember IPL season 1 Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth, and he crying over the national television at prime time. I mean girls don’t tell me you really like Sreesanth because he is all toucy feely, sensitive, emotionally intelligent. As a matter of fact the world respected Sachin Tendulkar who came back to Play for India in WC even after his father expired and didn’t shed a tear just paid his homage through the bat. So if you choose Sreesanth you know I don’t really care, but fact of the matter is even if all the girls in the world are hell bent on tearing him apart to get a piece of him, I would never wanna be the the guy who cried on National TV because he got slapped.
4- No I lost crying- Well, it’s actually very difficult for ambitious men to accept the fact that they lost. But the point is crying is not the way and it is not going to solve anything. The frustration, guilt, anger needs to preserved to go back practice harder and try again. I mean did you really felt good when you saw Roger Fedrer crying on the Wimbledon Final stage. You might have feel sympathetic, bad for him, but did you actually felt nice about him. Did you feel so toughed with him that he is so sensitive that he couldn’t stand losing a title he had held for years. I would say you would be more in love with him when he was all fighting aggressively defeating Rafa with classic tennis shots.

5- No Lovey Dovey Crying- A lot of people really feel that they should cry because they are in love, they got cheated in love, they got dumped in love and basically they are in love. I perfectly agree that love itself is a good enough reason to cry but still, I am born and brought up feeding on Bollywood movies, I have never seen Majnu Crying, Even dharmendra didn’t cried in love when Hema Malini was dancing in front of Gabbar. Basically the hero doesn’t cries, he either dies a hero or he kicks ass. There is no way between that, so I don’t agree to the fact that the guys should cry for love.
So here I rest my case, and girls I understand that you might love the guys who cry. But Actually guys don’t approve of crying and as a matter of fact you love your guy because he is a sissy and cries every now and then but trust me a high probability is that he cries so often because he is in love with you. But don’t worry ask him to read my post and he will be fine.

9 comments on “Guys Don't Cry”

  1. Smita Reply

    How can u say Majnu didn't cry or for that matter even Gabbar might have cried but was not captured on screen 😀

    With the kind of reasons u have given I wud agree that in the 'circumstances' & examples mentioned by you guys shudn't cry. Though I don't agree with point 1.

    But all said and done as far as I am concerned I do not make an issue of men crying…at the end of the day even guys are human 😉

  2. Prateek Agarwal Reply

    Well I totally agree with you from a guy’s point of view. Guys crying is so not cool. And the gladrags model thing is the perfect example you gave.
    But then again, you can’t think from a girl’s point of view. You never know what’s going on in their mind when they see boys crying.
    So this still remains a debatable topic.

  3. brocasarea Reply

    really true man…biologically itself we are so diffn which makes us wht we are!!…:)

  4. Prats Reply

    @Smita: Well what was never seen, that never happened. I don't say Guys can not cry but my point is crying only makes them sissy nor sensitive.

    @Prateek Agarwal: Well Understanding Woman is a mystery my friend and it would remain that way.

    @forgottogrowup: Thank you hai ji 🙂

    @brocasarea: Really, I was never aware of the biological angle.

    @Reema & @Rush_me when you visit please read @brocasarea's comment, he is a qualified doctor 🙂

  5. Reema Reply

    rest r ok and agreeable but i dont agree with point 1. crying doesnt always mean breaking down and chhati peet peet ke rone like shown in movies. My dad cried when my grandmom died and yet took care of the responsibilites and in no way is my dad a sissy. sad to say i find your view on men crying very chauvinistic.

  6. Prats Reply

    @Reema: Well I am just saying that Guy who cry doesn’t make them sensitive or better… In a given situation where you feel like crying its always better to avoid or if you can’t then do it with min tamasha. Well I don’t deny I am a bit chauvinistic, but I think Guys should try and be strong.

  7. Srivats Reply

    Thats a debateble topic, I had to agree with Reema, Crying or no crying depends on each person emotional state and over the sex differences.I dont think We can judge a man sissy or sensitive based on the crying.

  8. Prats Reply

    @Srivats: I agree that its debatable. I have a personal opinion that Guys should avoid cry and whenever it gets out of control it should happen with min tamasha.

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