Hidden Agendas

This is my first attempt at a 55er, posting it anyway so that I can break the block I am facing in writing new posts. Need your feedback on the 55ers so that I can write better ones in future. So comments and feedback are desperately looked forward to.

And yes for the updates, yeah, I got married, joined a new job and moved to Bangalore. Will post more detailed updates all the areas later till then enjoy this 55er.

He entered the bus and saw her amidst the crowd; he went and stood right ahead of her, his elbows brushing her bosom.
He was enjoying the touch when he felt her hand inside his trouser pockets. He closed his eyes in ecstasy, opening them only to find her gone.
And so was his wallet.

24 comments on “Hidden Agendas”

  1. Aarti Reply

    hahaha.. good one.. but somehow kinda expected the end[maybe cos i write stuff similar to this.:)]

    Welcome back to blogging world..glad to have met u thru Twitter!!

  2. Mohan Reply

    Good start! May be you could try few more ideas to create much more captivity till the last word 🙂

    Welcome to bangalore… All the best with your new life and job 🙂

  3. Monika Reply

    ha ha great start… and serves him right 😀

    welcome to blore ofcourse…

    BTW in ur welcome there is a post up on my blog… for u 🙂

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