How I Got Robbed in Broad Daylight

You know how bad things always happen to somebody else but never to you. When you narrate or hear the tales that somebody got conned, mugged or robbed it is always a friend of a friend or somebody who knew somebody are people but in a surprising turn of events it happened to me.

I was coming back home from the office in Whitefield to my home in JP Nagar, I took my usual route on Outer Ring Road passing through Marathalli, Belandur, HSR, Silk board and BTM layout. Silk Board for the non Bangalore Silk Board is one of the busiest crossings in Bangalore it connects the two IT hubs of Whitefield & Electronic city with two entrances to the city south and central Bangalore. On a Normal day during peak hours one has to wait for at least 25 minutes to half an hour to cross the junction. The time was around 6’o clock, and mine was the third or fourth car from the signal. I checked the mails on my cell phone and kept it on the non-driving front seat (I don’t do it generally but somehow I did it). A road side peddler who sell fake Rayban sunglasses  cam next to my car and kept on showing the glasses next to my window despite my waving him off.

Then after a minute when the red light just changed to green there was a guy who came  next to the non driving seat window and starting banging the glass pretty hard. I opened my window slightly to check what’s wrong.  At that moment someone started banging the rear side of my car, as if some other vehicle a bike or a car has come and hit from behind. I got distracted for a couple of seconds when I looked into my rearview mirror and back to the guy on the window. By that time all of them were gone and so was my brand new cell phone which I had got this morning. I immediately parked the car to the right and went to the police & traffic police who were standing on the signal.

They didn’t do anything except advising me to go to the police station and lending me their phone to check my phone (which was switched off by now). I finally went to the police station lodged a complaint, 24 hrs there hasn’t been any major development. I am not very optimistic about getting the cell phone back neither was the officer who registered my complaint.

So it was me this time, not somebody I knew who faced the incident. On hindsight I am pretty sure, though I don’t have any conclusive proof, that the location and the fact my phone was on the non-driving seat was tipped by the guy selling fake Raybans. The entire incident was a result of solid team work by professionals.

The cell phone I lost was a brand new Google Nexus 4, which my friend had sent from US. I had only collected it on morning and just had it for 6 hours or so, and the phone is not available in India so I can buy another one.

The idea behind sharing the incident that happened with me is so that I can warn others how the gangs are targeting people. Few precautions I could have taken in hindsight-

1-      Never keep expensive stuff, phones, laptop bags, wallets  in the non driving seat

2-      Be more cautious when the hawkers come near your car check if something is kept on the seats or dashboard

3-      No matter do not open the windows or the doors of the car for a stranger

4-      Always drive with the doors locked

5-      Never leave Ladies Bag/Laptop Bag/expensive items in the car when you are going out. Store things in the boot or under the seat where it is not visible.

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  1. Roshan Reply

    Really sorry to hear this man. Also scary… that was a well organised routine.. you’re absolutely right that all the parties have to be involved together.

    • Prats Reply

      @Roshan: Trust me man, it was such a well organized thing it happened in matter of seconds 2-3 seconds max.

  2. Vishal Reply

    Really sorry to hear that bro….exact same thing happened to me a few years back when I lost my Nokia 6600 at Pedder road in Bombay….Police at the time had only registered a NC and not an FIR, and needless to say, I did not see that phone again…..Just take the positive that you were not mugged and are ok

    • Prats Reply

      @Vishal: I have managed to register an FIR thankfully. Glad that no harm happened to me in the incident. Just my love for the gadgets and how I managed to get the nexus 4 despite months of sold out status 🙁

  3. Sapna Reply

    OMG! This is scary. Hope you will be able to trace your phone soon. Though I doubt police will be of much help. When I lost the phone I told them I lost it on the same road as the police station & still the police told me it comes under a different police station 😐

    Make an issue of it online and see if you can spread the word through one of their online initiatives. The police can easily nab these guys and prevent such incidents in the future.

    • Prats Reply

      @Sapna: I have managed to register an FIR of theft, lets see if it comes up to something.

  4. momofrs Reply

    Really sorry for your loss Prats.
    But guess what?? This is a very common modus operandi in B’lore.
    My father was near Majestic when something similar happened to him. He had kept the phone in front of him on the dashboard. A boy came up and started knocking on the window, so dad rolled down the window and asked what was wrong. At the same time, another boy started banging the car from behind. Obviously, Dad was annoyed and got distracted in checking who was it. In those few seconds, the first boy grabbed the cell-phone and ran away. Worst part is, Dad saw him running away with the phone and by the time he could remove the seat-belt and get out of the car, both the boys had disappeared in the crowd. He never got the phone back 🙁
    This happened nearly 4 years back. So I guess this technique must be really successful….no wonder these thugs still implement it!!

  5. suja mohan Reply

    Very sad to note that u lost ur new phone. isnt there some method for tracing the location by using the index number of the model?

    i heard that there is another kind of ‘robbery’ going on in Bangalore..again by a very efficient network of thugs… while you are getting petrol/diesel filled from a petrol pump,someone engages you in a conversation at the driver side of the vehicle. and the fuel is not filled into your car,though the meter is running. you end up paying for much less quantity of fuel

    • Prats Reply

      @Suja: Yeah I have registered the IMEI number with the police and couple of sites which say that they track phones like that, lets see if they are able to track it. Yeah the petrol pump thing is also very prevalent, I usually get down from my car and stand near the tank when I get the fuel filled to avoid that.

  6. Smita Reply

    That is very sad!!! Have heard many similar incidents and that is why I make it a point to keep my valuables near the music system!

    However heartless we might look it is better to ignore these guys!

    • Prats Reply

      @Smita: Yeah even I do that, since this was an absolutely new phone without any case, scratch guard I kept it on the seat so it doesn’t gets scratches. Big Mistake in hindsight a scrath or two wouldn’t have hurt so much

    • Prats Reply

      @Shilpa: It should have been professionals…. the entire act was so well coordinated.

  7. Jerish Joseph Reply

    so sad. I too had similar experience and lost iPhone5 on 20th January. it was pickpocked from Madiwala market area. I too lodged an FIR and they said will track using IMEI number. but no traces even after 3 weeks.
    you said, you registered with some sites which track phones- can you let me know which are those sites?

    • Prats Reply

      @Jerish: I did it with trackimei and and mgismobile sites. No news/information on my phone yet

  8. viraj jain Reply

    I got a link to this page by my cousin. How similar are our cases. In my case the phone was Galaxy Nexus (just 3 months old)….
    I had just come out of my office in Accenture (not far away from silkboard) bannnerghata road office. I generally keep the phone on the mobile holder on the dashboard. One guy came in front of my car, me putting the brakes to slow down….it was heavy traffic. One more guy banged my right window hard asking me to down my windows..generally I dont..but since lot of people around me in the traffic, I downed them. He told me to watch & drive as i banged him. Then one more guy banged my rear window on the left side of the car. I turned around to see the guy run away. He was the same guy who had crossed the road in front of my car earlier. As i turned towards the driving window, the other guy ran too…suprised wondering why? But then when i saw the mobile holder saw there was no Nexus.
    I am sure it is the same organised gang. I did not leave the police station till they lodged a FIR. I am following up with them…..But I got used to the Nexus & dont want any other phone.

    • Prats Reply

      @Viraj: Sad for your loss and I can say I know exactly how you would be feeling. I hope police is able to resolve and help both of us get our phones back.

  9. deepti Reply

    wtf!!…i know how it feels, when i got robbed of my bag in Bangalore, i also felt the same….had only heard this happening to people…I know you must be feeling very bad, given your love for your gadgets….chal koi na…aisa soch ki koi aur bada nuksaan hone se bach gaya….

  10. Ramesh Reply

    Commiserations Prats. Even more than the loss of the item, it is the awful feeling of being cheated and robbed. Even decades after they happened, I can’t forget the one or two instances when something like this has happened to me.

    This happening in Silk Board, one of the busiest of junctions is a tragedy.

    • Prats Reply

      @Ramesh: I know what you mean, It feels that something has changed in me as a person.

  11. Sharath Sharma Reply

    Please contact me dear, [***********:Edited by Moderator to remove the phone number]. This is my number. I am a journalist working with Bangalore Mirror. Lets aware public in your voice 🙂

  12. Prashanth Reply

    Hi Prats,

    Yes, you are right this was an excellent team work by those brats, which costed your new phone.
    Atleast you have provided us a very valuable piece of information as how to avoid these kinds of mishaps. Thanks once again man but also sad for you, as for the loss of your cell…

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