How I Got Tricked

I generally have an eye for details and not a person to be fooled or tricked easily. I sense pranks or any conspiracy theory happening around me. But this time the planning was impeccable and very well executed; the result was a jubilant surprise birthday party thrown for me by the Wifee. She being the clever woman she is, planned the party one day before the actual birthday so I am not able to guess it and also the day being Saturday allowed all the guests take time out for the party.

Though as I have been told after the party the planning was going on since many days but I was involved only a week back when my sister in law called me that she had received a complementary couple tickets to a Hindi play happening near our house and if I would be interested to go. Given my liking for the theatre and movies it was highly improbable that I would have refused an offer to watch a play and that was my first step into the well planned trap of the Wifee.

For the second round she conspired with my chaddhy-buddy or langotia yaar as you may call us. He offered full help to her and called me just a day before telling me that he had to discuss something really urgent and couldn’t wait. Since I had already committed to the play and his place was en-route to the theatre I agreed to visit him 2 hours before the play starting time. And with this the perfect window of opportunity was created for me to be out of the house for good four and a half hours.

Now the morning started on an unexpected note, both for me and the wifee. I felt completely sick with the weather allergy and insisted that she drove me to the doctor. With all her plans in place and work to do she had to drive me to the doctor; which consumed 3 hours of her preparation time. But then my illness also ensured that I neglected the deviations from the normal behavior like too many calls and her extra effort in cleaning the house and putting everything in order; which in retrospect connects the dots very well.

By the evening I was running fever and didn’t felt like going anywhere but then I had already committed to the friend and then there was the play also. So I somewhat pushed myself out of the house for the appointments with the wifee as it was planned. My sister in law and mother in law took charge of the house through the spare key which was already shared. I spent some great time with my friends and then went ahead for the play. The play was fabulous and I must mention the actress was really gorgeous. And I digress, more about the play sometime later; now coming back to the story of How I Was Tricked.

So after the play we came back home, while driving inside the society I spotted the cars of my in-laws and some other relatives. I initially ignored them; since my co-brother and sister in law live in the same complex; I thought they might have guests. The unsuspecting me went ahead and parked my own car. While going from the parking to the house I also spotted the car of the friend whose house I had just visited by the time I concluded that there might be something fishy inside the house the Wifee opened the door and amidst the candle light I could see some faint shadows. As soon as I stepped inside the house there was huge bang and shout of “Happy Birthday”. All the lights were switched on simultaneously. When my lights adjusted from the darkness to the bright light I could see this one was a massive party. Almost everyone I and Wifee knew in Bangalore was invited and present. I had an expression of shock, awe and the most childish form of joy. I could spot my school friends, the entire in-laws clan, my buaji and my cousin, our entire gang which went for the New Year party. I was showered with flowers, party poppers and gifts; and finally amidst all this surprise & chaos I went to cut the cake.

Now when the cake is cut there is always some smearing which happens.

And when you yourself are smeared with cake it doesn’t harm to smear others does it? And It’s all the more fun if the one you are smearing are your SILs.

So this was the story when the Wifee managed to trick me the second time, I am sure you understand when was the first time ;-).

However, the end of the party wasn’t as expected. The allergy and fever were consistently rising and create a lot of difficulty for me while breathing. As soon as we bade goodbye to our guests; I had to be rushed to the hospital. There they found that the symptoms had highly accentuated and the oxygen level had gone down. I was immediately admitted oxygen artificial in the hospital. So that’s how my birthday started at 12:00 clock with the mask attached to my nose.

Now that I am out of the hospital and well enough to breath without any medical support, I would like to thank everyone for the wishes. Also I would like to apologies to everyone who called/ smsed/ tweeted/ fbed me on my big day to wish me; I was not able to reply or receive your call due to my condition.  Thanks again for your support and lovely wishes; I plan to live longer as you have suggested and keep bugging you with irritating posts on my blog. Till then enjoy La Dolce Vita.

18 comments on “How I Got Tricked”

  1. ruSh.Me Reply

    ONG, what a wonderful pre-birthday surprise, and a truly exciting beginning of the new year! Happy belated birthday! 🙂

  2. Vipul Reply

    I don’t think so there’s something better than this. 🙂
    Really a fabulous celebration 🙂
    Hope u must be well now 🙂

  3. Monika Reply

    so u an wifee dont know me huhn??? 😉 its a pleasure to have surprise parties, its a great mixed feeling having been there I know how it feels

    and how are u feeling now? hope u are much better

    • Prats Reply

      @Monika: You were in Wifee’s guest list but she couldn’t find your telephone number on my phone which was saved by the name Monu :-(. I have changed it to your complete name now; so that she can easily find it on my phone 🙂

  4. anshima Reply

    did not like the getting ill part in the end :(..
    but,yeh birthday surprises are just too good na, kitna maza aata hai jab koi surprise milta hai to..anyway, i hope u have a very succesful year ahead..lots of love and good wishes coming ur way..

    • Prats Reply

      @Kirbyakasid: I know it was funny ironical climax of the birthday party … Doing well now, thanks a lot for asking 🙂

  5. momofrs Reply

    Oh Man!!
    That’s one joy-ride of a life you live there Prats!!
    Celebration and hospital, all in one day!!
    Hope you are better now (you must’ve scared your wife silly!!)
    And oh, Belated B’day Wishes too.
    Have a wonderful year ahead 🙂

    • Prats Reply

      @MomofRS: Thanks a lot 🙂 This is a birthday I would never forget and for both right & the wrong reasons 🙂

  6. Deeps Reply

    It was indeed a wonderful account of your surprise b’day party so sweetly organized by your wife, although the party ended with your health acting up. Nonetheless from the party snaps it is quite evident you had fun.

    Hope you’re ok now on the health front. Heres wishing you all the very best in life, Prats 🙂

    Belated wishes to you!

  7. Megha Malik Reply

    Hi Prats,

    Good to visit your blog after such a long time, belated birthday wishes..dear! 🙂 ..

    Well the pictures looked awesome.. but I hope you feeling well now.. Congrats for the marriage as well.. (sorry it seems I was out of touch for a long while ;p) ..

    Megha! 🙂

      • Megha Malik Reply

        m doing fine 🙂 .. Prats!
        Yes it is indeed very long.. and it is good to see you visiting my blog!

        Hope you will spare sometime and drop me a line or two and let me know my areas of opportunity 🙂

        Megha 🙂 ..

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