Is Virtual Enough?

I spend a lot of time over the internet, and I have an awesome virtual existence where I have friends. But one drawback I always felt about the virtually existence, the personal touch of being friends only comes after a face to face conversation. The online world can start friendships/relationships for you but it’s highly unlikely that it can take it to the next level.

I have always loved the idea of twitter, but surprisingly I have felt that somehow the 140 characters may be enough to communicate, start a relationship but it drops a lot of thinks as well. Here I produce 5 instances I had online where I feel a bit left out/weird-

1- I have a lot of friends on twitter & blogs as I have already mentioned in my last post here but still I don’t think I am aware when are their birthdays and other trivial details like these which I think friends should know. I can add any all of them on a facebook or Orkut but then simply the essence of a virtual presence is a complete persona but it simply isn’t at one place

2- One of my friends Brainstuck, we actually were having a conversation when something conversation happened where actually my comment would have been unjustified if his age wasn’t close to mine (which I had assumed by default). I actually had to specifically ask him his age before giving comments on the situation. Now friends don’t do that.

3- Then another friend of mine Meera, I actually came in touch with her because of her awesome cartoons which I saw during the election period. Now after reading the cartoon and her take on Indian politics I always assumed somewhere she would be an elderly lady around 40 years of age with a very mature and balanced viewpoint on the Political scenario and obviously an amazing sense of humor. Yesterday when she shared her pic on the twitter, I realized the only thing I have misjudged more was to have thought of Meera as a guy. Well this is her pic and you will have an Idea how wrong I was.

4- I met Nikhil the other day at Costa Coffee after interacting with him on twitter and email a couple of times I always had a perception of him as a mature and serious guy. I was actually jaw dropped when I came to know that he was such a chill & cool guy and had actually recently completed his graduation.

5- A lot of times this happens that my friends are not online, I have telephone numbers of them and I have the inquisitiveness why the hell they are not online. Something wrong, something happening but somehow I never call, because it might be inappropriate.

I don’t if it happens only with me, but I think I sometimes feel a need more than twitter, blogs, orkut to make friends. May be I am skeptical, or may be I will grow with time. So people what do you think, have you also made similar mistakes online, do you feel a need for real connect too?

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  1. Smita Reply

    For me it isn’t. Reasons are quite similar as yours. Every relationship has to grow and that can happen only if we talk or meet (whichever is possible).

    Virtual life has its limitations and u urself have listed most of them. Though luckily unlike you I haven’t faced any surprises 🙂

  2. Tanvi Reply

    Nice post…I have had many online friendships…and unlike recently, all of them have been a long lasting one.

    I know virtual world has its limitations, but thats one place where you can know a person for (almost) real without any prejudices, like u mentioned about meera or nikhil.

    Similiarly, when you meet ur virtual friends face to face and they dont ‘exactly’ reach upto ur perception…It could actually be a barrier for further conversation or communication.

  3. brocasarea Reply

    hmmm…..true…thats why i have made an online list of my friends birthdays…!!

  4. sonu anand Reply

    true, but when i am online….. i always had this in my mind… that things maynot last….one day i am talking to you too much the other day i am gone….

    So, i was aware. but it would be nice if it was as you described.

  5. akanksha Reply

    Well, I am not sure of my opinion here…Sometimes I feel that orkut and blogs and gtalk is enough, and sometimes I feel it isn’t…Depends on situation and the person I guess:)

  6. akanksha Reply

    But I would definitly like to meet u, and the credit goes to so many things we have in common!!! 🙂

  7. Prats Reply

    @Akansha: Same here would like to meet you too. lets see when we can bump into each other.

    @Sonu Anand: Online friendships are very fragile as there is an easy exit option. You can always block the persona nd he is out of ur system. It has its pros and cons

  8. Prats Reply

    @brocasarea: Thats so nice… i am too lazy to do that.. but I guess its high time I should start doing this

  9. Prats Reply

    @Meera: ***I am Embarrased****

    @Tanvi: Thats so true.

    @Smita: Thats what it doesnt gets better until u actually see a real faced with the online ID.

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