Book Review: May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss

Author: Arnab Ray (Greatbong)
Publisher: Harper Collins
Price: 199/-



Its recently a barrage of blooger turned authors, and one of the most prominent bloggers who came up with the a book is Great Bong. I was aware of his blog and was very skeptical about a book from him specially, knowing that I did not connect with his blog very well.

May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss, an odd title for a book by Arnab Ray, is a well researched, thought and worked book. It has been one of the best ones coming from the young generation of Indian authors. The book is more like a collection of essays facets on life of the generation which grew up in eighties and nineties in India. The book is a satirical reflection is what our so called contemporary YUPPIES have grown from. The realities of the world wrapped in satire.

The book takes any person who has lived that era in myriad of laughter and head nodding in agreement to the points made by Arnab. As an author, he has maintained a brilliant mix of humor and a focus on the issues faced/being faced by the contemporary society. His tongue in cheek style of humor goes a tad too well with the ironies of the Indian society.

The book at times, felt too much of a rant, especially if one tries to read it in a single sitting. Overall, what Arnab has done is identified the problems and posed them in humorous and sarcastic way to our own society. He doesn’t intends to give any solutions or his point of view through the book, but just illustrates how ironic and stupid is the world that we live in. And the best part of the books is you would be laughing and agreeing with him while reading the irony and the stupidity knowing well you were a part of it.

Summary: A must read for anyone who enjoys tongue in cheek humor.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

14 comments on “Book Review: May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss”

  1. Poonam Reply

    I am at Page number 130 of this book and I am tired. I am usually a fast reader. Such books, if they interest me, I can finish in matter of hours.

    I found few chapters like those of sexual repression with Hindi song lyrics, Muthalik-like Orkut scrap-ist chapter and NRIs brilliant, but others like wedding, educational institutions are drab. Thing is all that is mentioned in these chapters we know. Kind of like I can not laugh anymore on things that are common and unfortunately a way of life. I am stuck at Indian wedding chapter. I know all that is there even though I have not been married yet.

    • Prats Reply

      @Poonam: Yes I agree that one would love some chapters and find the other ones a bit stretched. But its got something for everyone.

  2. deepti Reply

    I liked the book. But do agree with Poonam on some of the stuff…..i found some narrations too long especially about the NRI aunties and uncles…however, some like those on androids etc were super…:)

  3. Smita Reply

    I too do not connect with his blog & am thus wary of picking this book! Will read if its either gifted to me or I get it in a lib πŸ˜‰ as is am disappointed with blogger’s turned writers!!! Someone was telling me that the book is in a way a chronicle of his blog posts!!

    • Prats Reply

      @Smita: Yes it is, but then it is a decent read and people of our age group will relate to a lot of chapters.

  4. manjulika Reply

    I have been gifted the book and have started reading it.Wud review later on my blog.
    4.25 makes it look interesting!!! Nice post!

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