Meri Kahani Numbers Ki Zubani

Tanu tagged me where I actually have to relate my life through numbers and given the NaBloPoMo It’s a good time to do any Tags. So here is Meri Kahani Numbers Ki Zubani-

1- I have had 1 major accident where I badly injured my left arm. The bones were shattered and the doctor was contemplating if he needed to cut my arm. Thankfully he didn’t have to and I am still alive and have both my arms intact but the doc had to perform a complex surgery to actually reassemble all my bones which had broken into multiple pieces and fit the things with steel chips/plates which actually fell out and were left at the accident site. And yes the accident was that I fell of from the bicycle when the a city Bus hit me from behind.

2- My current laptop is my 2nd Laptop. I have been in love with my gadgets and the computer name for my first lappy was Frisky and for this one it is Maverick.

3- I had 3 places to work as an option when I passed out of my engineering. But I joined none of them.

4- Whenever I leave home I generally carry 4 things, My 2 phones, Ipod and my Sun Glasses. Another thing about 4 is I learned to drive bikes when I was in class 4th (No I didn’t flunked any classes, I was just taller then too)

5- I have a Hyundai i10 right now and this is my 5th Personal Vehicle.

6- I have lived in 6 cities till now- Kanpur, Jhansi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai.

7- I carry 7 cards in my wallet at all points of time- 3 Credit Cards, 2 Debit Cards, Pan Card, Office Parking Card.

8- It has been 8 years for me since I moved out of my home, away from my parents.

9- My birth date has been 9th and my parents tell me that when I was born there was no sun in the sky for 9 days.

10- I have a shoe size of 10

That was interesting. And I do not tag anyone specifically, anyone who thinks he/she is a number person like I am, take the tag.

5 comments on “Meri Kahani Numbers Ki Zubani”

  1. Tanvi Reply

    Thank you so much
    Prats for completing this tag and surprisingly, You are the only one to complete this tag out of all the people I tagged…haha..

    Appreciate it..

    I hope this has brought out a lot of stuff that people didnt know about you.

  2. akanksha Reply

    OMG i can’t believe this! :O Itne sare co-incidents!!!!

    9.15 hours ka itnaaaaaa burra asar huaa hai that we are trying to identify the name of the organization from this sucking policy 😛 And u’re right, I belong there too.

    Would definitly like to meet u some day if we are in the same DC:)
    I m confused coz ur post mentions Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad and your blogger location says India 😛

    Another thing we have in common is ‘Kanpur’ – My home town. 🙂

    Somehow I get a feeling that you know Divya, who can be another something that is common to u n me!

    Btw, I loved the tag!

  3. Prats Reply

    @Tanvi: I am sure rest of the people would do it when they will find time. It was a nice tag, had fun doing it.

    @Akansha: Well the policy has quite a profound effect.
    Well have left my details on ur blog. and You being from Kanpur… Thats too much of coincidence.

  4. thenewbnb Reply

    shoe size of 10!! man… bigfoot! my size is 4 😉

    same pinch… i moved outta home 8 yrs (almost 9 now) ago to go to college. well, i visit them once in a while, n on two occasions i’ve spent nearly half a year with them, but still remains as 8 yrs away from home 🙂

  5. Reema Reply

    oh my god!! glad u r alive and well. why on earth do u carry so many cards? what if wallet is stolen? i just carry one r at home. i carry all when i go out of station.

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