Movie Summaries Day 7

Lately I have seen so many movies, not used to writing too many reviews. So I thought to define the movies as one liners. So here goes my one liners for some of the movies I have seen recently-

1- Rajneeti- Everybody kills everybody leaving only Katrina Kaif to contest the elections.

2- Prince of Persia- Super movie, you sit for effin 2.5 hrs just to realize that actually nothing has happened.

3- Kites- No entiendo un carajo (Translation for poor viewer: I don’t understand a shit)

4- Well Done Abba: When you plan to get a well dug from the government you get your daughter married

5- Paathshala- Sending you children to school which advertises is making them do bonded labor.

6- Badmash Company- Selling single pair of gloves and defaulting bank loans are bad business plans.

7- Alice in Wonderland- So finally the rabbit goes through the hole

21 comments on “Movie Summaries Day 7”

  1. pal Reply

    ROFL!!! What a brilliant and efficient review. From other blogs I got a feeling Raaj Neeti was a good movie. Looks like it isn’t all that great, huh?

  2. Poonam Reply

    Well Done Abba, was a good movie. A commendable effort by Shyam Bnegal. If only for your summary, I regret not writing review.

    P.S: I agree about Prince of Persia though. Rest I haven’t watched yet.

    • Prats Reply

      @Poonam: But in the end Well done abba, it was a very good built-up but very very disappointing ending πŸ™

  3. Aarti Reply

    Nice post.. Crisp reviews!!:)

    1- Rajneeti- Hmm, so ur saying we shd not watch or shd watch?i dont like Kat…

    2- Prince of Persia- Enjoyed the movie, and wondered why it wasnt made in 3D

    3- Kites- hahaha.. completely agree wtih u…

    4- Well Done Abba: Enjoyed and was well made!!

    5- Paathshala- friends told me to keep my cash and go have fun πŸ˜€

    6- Badmash Company- Again, giving this a Miss..

    7- Alice in Wonderland- Saw it on DVD and now waiting for it to hit screens in Chennai!! sigh…

    • Prats Reply

      @Aarti: You can watch Rajneeti if you are game with serious movies.. A lot like Sarkar though πŸ™‚

  4. chatterbox Reply

    Spot on one liner reviews πŸ˜€
    Need something like this every-time I want to read a book or see a movie.
    Keep ’em coming. Too good!!

  5. Swaram Reply

    Everybody kills everybody leaving only Katrina Kaif to contest the elections. – ROFL πŸ˜† I am laughing @ this one so much that I hv nt even gone ahead Prats .. too gud!

    • Prats Reply

      @Reema: I didn’t like it’s ending…it’s one of the movie which had an impeccable buildup and a very average ending.

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