Moving Back to Complete Feed Yay!

As you folks read in the last post, that I decided to move to restricted feed. Firstly, I am reverting back to complete feeds and I am so thankful to all you folks and specially Pratik to help me make that decision. I am very happy about it because as I said I do believe that restricted feeds are an irritant to all the readers.

Firstly thanks a lot for all the support and views in comments and emails. I would like to clarify couple of things. I wouldn’t call what happened as an incidence of Plagiarism, as Pratik was giving a link back to the post and was appropriately mentioned in the shared section of the website which displayed the content he shared on his google reader. That was precisely the reason I think he was not at fault and I never spoke to him about the issue and decided to change the mechanism I publish my feed.

However, I am very grateful to Pratik that he not only removed all the shared posts from his website and also offered to change the mechanism in which the content of the site is delivered so as the completed content is not shared. He has done that in good faith without even me asking for it just to avoid the confusion and to ensure people who read my blog don’t face the irritant.

So I am reverting back to the complete feeds again as asked by many of you. At this point I would specially like to thank one of my readers (lets call him ‘A’ as he has not yet replied to my mail if I can disclose his name) who has come up with a very innovative solution for these kind of problems. What he suggests is to add a Unique footer in every post with due credit to my blog and direct links to my site. So even if in future someone shares my post using reader the ownership part is clarified.

So A I loved the idea, and to say my thanks anytime when you are in Bangalore (or any other city we are in at same time) the coffee and dinner is on me. And I am not sure what to write in this standard footer all the suggestions are welcome.

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